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This Life Is Your Present Life Is In The Love

This Life Is Your Present Life Is In The Love messages


This Life Is Your Present Life Is In The Love : my beloved and precious brothers and my beloved and precious sisters, today together with you with all of my heart, today, in this moment, together, you and I, together, to talk, together to help understand, together to place on the field all of the Love that is possible; here, I am embracing you with my many words, with the feeling in my heart, together; we are together in this moment, I look at you and my Love that I am feeling is exactly for you, this moment is a circulation of Love, you can see this unity from our hearts, you listen and you speak to me from your heart, we are a unity.


Even with your brothers, with each one of your sisters, you can create this unity; in the deepest of the heart this humanity has a voice, like you it has Love, like you it can create unity in the Love. You see? All of those hearts walk and face life, do you see it? All those hearts are seeking unity, can you see it? Those hearts feel so much loneliness, can you see it? Those hearts need so much help, do you see that? As you dedicate yourself, you reignite hope, do you see it? The Love you communicated reignites the Love.


What today is your journey offers experience of unity to those brothers and sisters. Placing Love on the field allows you to experience unity.


Of course, this does not happen exactly all of the time, there are brothers, and sisters, a constant seeking of defense of their own feelings, there is this other world too, a world of fear of showing your own feelings, the feeling of Love, there are some who have not yet forgiven the mistakes that the emotions made; there are those who are constantly seeking perfection in others, and do not interrogate themselves over their own limitations in their feelings; there are those who make of their past their constant present, and go back over and over again to the same script, there are those who expect nothing but suffering from human beings; there are those who chase a dream to then abandon it, of course, it is very hard to live life on earth, but you were raised in the same reality, and you too have known life and for a long time your life was even without communication between us, and yet you are loving with all of your heart, because you have decided that the past is the past, the future will be in the future and the present is your real story, and you want to live in the emotion, emotional of Love that sends you life.


This life that is transmitted when you love, a life that lights up with every meeting, a life that is inside you when you listen, when you understand, when you take part in other people’s life and you share emotions. This life is your present, the emotions you feel in your hearts are the present life, even when you love you have joy in how you feel, you feel your Love expressing itself to others in the joy, this is the life from the heart.


Perhaps those brothers will never experience these emotions, but go ahead and love them anyway, with the same Love that you dedicate to the hearts that are wide open. Understanding, a deep understanding for their unhappiness.


My beloved brothers, my beloved sisters, light up the journey of Love, life is in the Love.


In the peace, your brother Jesus Christ


This Life Is Your Present Life Is In The Love was the Message dictated 28th September 2009


This Life Is Your Present Life Is In The Love messages


This Life Is Your Present Life Is In The Love


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