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Forgiveness To Forgive Is Important

Forgiveness To Forgive Is Important To Yourselves


Forgiveness To Forgive Is Important : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, forgive, over the course of your existence your heart knows suffering, the kind of pain that has sent your mind the meaning of sudden change from what you were expecting from that brother, from that sister, sudden pain in the heart, disappointment or violence that brought you to shut down.; just like yourselves have sent other hearts disappointment or violence over the course of your lives, do forgive those who have brought disappointment or violence into your own lives.


The experience has taught you that often a refusal comes from fear,  that lies come from insecurity, that disappointed waiting comes from a false image that was carried, and all the violence comes from a need to impose over someone else, and it betrays insecurity.


To the eyes of your heart you see fragility, something to lean on to hide oneself. Isn’t it through acts of violence that your own fragility hides? Violence in acts, in words, in one’s own actions, to hide one’s own inconsistency. This fragility gives people an idea of inconsistency.


Every heart that chases violence is a heart that is suffering, it suffers from the lack of Love, and as it chases violence, it will end up feeling less and less Love inside. This is the condition of suffering that has determined certain behaviors in our life. Can your eyes forgive when seeing the suffering of those hearts?


Forgiveness, forgive those hearts right from inside you, leave in the past what has happened, and open up to your existence, with a renewed contact with yourselves.


To forgive is to take into consideration the fragility of that heart, it’s not very important for that heart that has committed errors, but it is important to yourselves, for your heart, and your Love will be able to flow more free if you accept inside you that it’s nothing but insecurity, inconsistency and fragility that determine the errors in the behavior of your brothers.


As soon as you start to forgive, inside you come the memories of your own mistakes, and as they do, pause for a moment and understand your own fragilities in the moments you had lived, forgive yourselves for those moments, and renew your effort to be a heart in its complete manifestation.


The eyes of the heart allow you to see today beyond the disappointment, beyond those moments of suffering, beyond every violent word or gesture, look, my brothers, look, my sisters.


Now, the peace poured into your heart from forgiveness reinforces your heart and renews your day.


I surround you with my peace, my loved brothers and my loved sisters.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Forgiveness To Forgive Is Important To Yourselves was the Message dictated 01 October 2009


Forgiveness To Forgive Is Important To Yourselves


Forgiveness To Forgive Is Important


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