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Peace The Building Of Peace

Peace The Building Of Peace Is A Constant Process In The Heart


Peace The Building Of Peace : my beloved and precious brothers and my beloved and precious sisters, in my heart there is peace as I listen to you, there is peace in thinking about you and every intervention from me wants to send peace to your hearts; what I explain, the reflections that I invite your hearts to make, my following you in your journeys, has inside the heart, inside myself, a desire for peace for every heart; peace, brothers and sisters, it is sweet when you reach peace in your heart, being peace is built day by day inside your being a heart.


When we listen to our brothers speak, our heart at the same time learns through the experience of that heart, it feels, it notices, it realizes how much pain it brings when relating to others, he does not question itself over the pain, he simply reacts; sometimes this pain makes someone shut down to such an extent that they close all contact the others, or maybe the disappointment embraces the entire world; that heart is in pain and thus he shuts down contact. A reaction of closing or a reaction of aggression of the other person always means pain felt deep inside the heart However, that heart is not asking himself anything, he does not ask himself why he is feeling so much pain, he is not asking his heart the reason for all this fragility, he does not welcome his own pain in order to understand it, it does not welcome pain as an opportunity to understand himself, he only sees a reaction to free himself from so much pain


You feel the product of that reaction toward others, or your eyes pick up on the suffering from their mannerism, but the eyes contemplate the failure because deep down inside that heart, the pain does not change, or if anything it is being increased by the reaction that has increased even more the distance between that heart and that of other brothers.


Those of you who are listening, make note that it is always good to address pain when you feel it, “You are feeling so much  pain, you have felt voided, you have felt inexistent, you have felt worthless, this is the suffering that you have experimented in your heart when listening to the words of the other brother” and as you continued to understand that pain, you are helping that heart to take a look inside itself, to ask itself about his own pain, “If you think of yourself, do you feel you are transparent? Are you feeling voided by the words said in a moment? Do you feel like your entire life is being emptied at the sound of those words?”


Ever so slowly that heart regains itself in every thought, it regains the many moments of its existence, it regains itself in the truth. And the pain is more subtle, it calms down, the bitterness is still in the heart, but it is no longer that constant pain that was heard before.


At the same time, that heart reflects on the reason why it happened, on the misunderstanding that brought pain into his heart, and finally it seems to discern the reason for that action, and it discovers inconsistency, fragility in the other person, and this determined those words, those actions. And now there is a little more peace for that heart that is flooding with peace even your own heart. In that moment the pain is gone, the just understanding will bring that heart to being the truth in front of others.


Brothers, sisters, what I have taught you is a constant moment in life, only by questioning yourselves, welcoming your own pain and then questioning  yourselves over your own pain, questioning yourselves will enable you to recapture the truth of yourselves, and go beyond the pain, bringing peace into you again. The building of peace is a constant process in the heart, peace that grows makes you freer to be your own Being.


I say goodbye with lots and lots of Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Peace The Building Of Peace Is A Constant Process In The Heart was the Message dictated 5th May 2009


Peace The Building Of Peace Is A Constant Process In The Heart


Peace The Building Of Peace


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