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Vitality Comes With Loving

Vitality Comes With Loving Messages To Humanity


Vitality Comes With Loving : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, my heart is full of joy because meeting you is a source of joy for me, as I speak to you I feel joy, this entire moment is joy for me my brothers; this moment we are going through together communicates my joy to you, the joy is such an intense emotion, it surrounds you, and in your heart you feel vitality and through this emotion I speak to your heart.


The vitality I feel is fading in many brothers as they make contact with a world, earth, that sends back, today more than ever, hate and violence, conflicts, confusion, injustice and all the by-products of non-Love.


They are leading you to think that in this life what counts is the intellect, and selfishness among brothers, where everyone thinks for themselves at the expense of everyone else. This non-Love has been constantly sent to you, and so your hearts fade out their own vitality. The Love forgotten turns your heart’s lights off.


You see, my brothers and sisters, what my eyes see at all time are not events, but hearts that only expect from life abuse and violence, and react to this threat of violence in the messages they hear by bringing themselves in the first place violence and abuse, to impose themselves over the events. What I am telling you is an experience of hearts that produce violence because they are in pain. I know that those events shock you but it’s your own messages that take away the vitality from the heart, the anguish of those hearts, their vision of the planet earth is the consequence of your messages.


Many of you are hearing the same message and turn to us with the same desperation for an intervention that could place order again in the chaos on earth. This is the truth my brothers, my sisters, many of you think that you are not capable of putting Love into your existence.


Why would a requested intervention reinstate order? It would be the greatest failure of the human species, if we did not have faith in you this existence on earth would not take place, you are full of Love, and for each brother that spreads violence there are many hearts who passionately share Love all around themselves; this is what I have in front of my eyes: brothers who are bringing Love, friendship, availability, effort, they bring their actions to the world in full freedom.


These are the brothers who, when listening to the same messages, reflect over the world and over its difficulties, and bring Love and effort with themselves. They are hearts just like you, but they let their sweet Love that they feel inside speak out, and as they build this experience they experience the great vitality that Love sends them. Vitality comes with loving, with doing, with being yourselves in the freedom of your efforts, vitality means making a change, it’s feeling an integral part of the world, vitality is feeling yourselves as brothers, vitality is being hearts.


Don’t sit on the fence of life, it’s only by venturing out that your heart will rediscover the sense of existence, and joy, and it will feel vitality again.


My Love is for all brothers.


In Peace, your brother Jesus Christ


Vitality Comes With Loving Messages To Humanity was the Message sent 08th October 2009


Vitality Comes With Loving Messages To Humanity


Vitality Comes With Loving


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