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The Voice Of The Entire Humanity

The Voice Of The Entire Humanity That Donates Itself


The Voice Of The Entire Humanity : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I will reference my last words sent during my previous message, like I said, the message that is being spread on earth is that among brothers the same choices of selfishness always seem to rule, and this is the same image that very often you say within your own communication, the error is no longer of the one individual person, but of the many; brothers, you assist individual people suffering from the non-Love, but then when you speak you tend to generalize and sadly feed into that destructive image that ultimately tarnishes the vitality of hearts and while you give Love to your brothers, you also share this vision of generalized non-Love.


If you bring Love to those hearts, also bring hope.


In your daily lives there is abundant experience of help to your brothers, your means of communication show you the help, people, hearts that selflessly give themselves to help, especially during emergencies, to provide help. These brothers are among you, ready to dedicate themselves in necessity.


Your means of communications show you images of how other continents in need meet other hearts, nowadays this is called humanitarian aid, but they are really just simple hearts who donate themselves. And, my brothers, they too exist also among you.


And then there is an ocean of brothers in hospitals, in schools, in the many structures, who work and donate themselves, to be of help with the problems of your daily lives, and this army of people is also among you.


Then there are many other hearts who help when they see an emergency, if someone asks them for help they respond and give themselves, if they see a need the respond to it by donating themselves, donating themselves to those brothers with an act of kindness, and these many hearts also exist among you.


This is what your eyes see every day if you look closely at those hearts that belong to your same humanity. Look at how many grandparents take care of their grandchildren whom they love so much, look at every smile, they are hearts who love, look around you, do you see those hearts? This is humanity, those hearts.


Look at your efforts, you know about donating yourselves in every occasion when you help someone; don’t be distracted, look at your heart as it looks after them, this is you donating yourselves.


You see my brothers, you see my sisters, this is the life, and through the right comments you bring life to your brothers. Do not erase all this Love that you see around you because of the mistake of one individual brother, this is the voice of your humanity, a humanity that donates itself, bring the life of the entire humanity to your brothers.


I surround you with my peace.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Voice Of The Entire Humanity That Donates Itself was the Message dictated 12th December 2009


The Voice Of The Entire Humanity That Donates Itself


The Voice Of The Entire Humanity


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