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Jesus Christ About Conquering Peace

Jesus Christ About Conquering Peace Of The Heart


Jesus Christ About Conquering Peace : my sweet and loved brothers and sweet and loved sisters, with peace inside the heart you can express all the Love of your heart, and so today we will talk exactly about conquering peace of the heart; my brothers and sisters, as you love, you discover the intensity of your own Love; you feel the intensity of your push to offer help to the other person, you feel your body leaning forward toward the other, you feel the importance of the other, you feel your ego being neglected, the important thing is the other person right now; I can feel an effort of my heart for the other person, from the potential that you feel is necessary to respond with your help, to other potentials that are intrinsic to the time of your life; as you love, you feel that all of your heart is for others.


It is beautiful to know that you are relying on your heart and on all of yourselves to be of help, and as you help you recognize the importance of your heart and of all about yourselves, because as you donate yourselves you recognize the value of what you are transmitting. As you love you discover and you transmit your value, as you love, your heart and the whole of yourselves shines in front of your eyes, this is what you are like, what you are sending through Love.


Everything that is transmitted speaks of you, the intensity of the feeling is you, the push that you feel from your heart speaks of you, it’s you, all of the effort of your help speaks of you, it’s you, you in the act of loving.


And now freeze that moment, this being you in what you do, in what you are, in what you feel, this is your Being Love. You are, under every circumstance, your Being Love, let me be exact: in every moment you are your version of Being Love.


This state of Being may or may not be evident, but it’s a constant presence in you; even in the occasion where help is not necessary, you feel the possibility of this expression. This Being Love, right in that moment, is your own identity, it is what defines you, what places you in your lives.


Your identity sometimes will show itself completely, sometimes you will be able to withhold the complete expression of yourselves, but in every occasion, in every moment of existence, you are this Being Love.


As you evaluate you are Being Love, as you correct you are Being Love, as you change expression, attitude, you are Being Love. This is the life of your Being Love.


When you Are Love you are at the center of it all, and from your center there is a constant possibility of evolution toward an ever more expanded attitude of Love.


You are your center, feeling your center is a source of peace inside you; as you recognize yourselves in your center, the peace will remain inside the heart and there will not be any occasion where you might lose your balance. By loving you are conquering yourselves, your own identity, your center, your Being Love, and the peace within you.


I embrace with all of my Being


Your brother Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ About Conquering Peace Of The Heart was the Message dictated 10th October 2009


Jesus Christ About Conquering Peace Of The Heart


Jesus Christ About Conquering Peace


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