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The Memory Of The Past Affects

The Memory Of The Past Affects The Heart To Be Free From The Past


The Memory Of The Past Affects : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, the memory of the past is always present in your conscience; history, the past, what you lived, your experiences of Love, experiences that made you suffer, they are with you all the time, and your present is like a constant return to the past; this story, this past, it not only affects the mind but especially affects the heart.


The mind gathers information to guide yourselves in your existence, but the heart gathers experience to guide while waiting for the possible Love that may be experienced.


The awaiting of the heart is an important subject.


Go deep inside yourself, and ask your heart: is your existence truly fulfilled? Are you not perhaps victims of your own past?


My dear brothers and my dear sisters, this is your actual state, the non-freedom that you impose on yourselves to be what you are, the non-freedom to face what is new and look at it as it really is, new, the non-freedom to face every new contact as a new complete discovery of the other person, the non-freedom to make decisions that are completely new and different from your choices of the past.


You have in mind the freedom, but your past is a constant present.


Let’s reflect on the past, on these experiences that send Love to you, and let’s compare them with other experiences that proved to be painful for your heart.


In front of us we have the hearts from the past. Just like these experiences left some baggage inside you, so these hearts have marked an experience for you to face, a heart that abandoned you was also abandoned; a heart that forced you to do something is a heart that had also been forced to do something in the past; a heart that used violence is a heart that already knew violence, a heart that offended you is a heart that knows what it means to be offended.


Every time you allow forgiveness for every gesture filled your heart with pain, my brothers and sisters, this is what you will end up understanding: what another heart gives corresponds to what it had received, understanding this concept allows your heart to be free from the past.


And now let’s move on to the experiences of Love that in the past filled your heart with joy and sweet feelings, you felt the existence of that heart in full freedom, that heart for you, the attention for you, the respect for you, granting your desires and every expression of that heart for you sent Love for you. These moments also form part of your experience, of your past.


As you notice, life is a constant expression of gestures that, starting from the heart, indicate freedom or restriction, freedom in what you are, or restriction, non-freedom, from gestures that are expression of past experiences.


Now think of the condition of freedom from your past…. Isn’t a full expression of yourselves what you wish for?


Always think of your heart, and the past will remain forever in the past, and your present will be in full freedom for you.


In the peace from the heart, I am with you


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Memory Of The Past Affects The Heart To Be Free From The Past was the Message dictated 22nd October 2009


The Memory Of The Past Affects The Heart To Be Free From The Past


The Memory Of The Past Affects


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