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With The Heart Towards Life

With The Heart Towards Life Bringing Your Own Being Love


With The Heart Towards Life : my dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, what a sweet sensation it is to be with you, with this emotion I meet with you and the waiting is just as sweet, my heart that feels for you, the possibility to meet with you and, as I speak, being able to help you, and my feelings for you explode inside my heart; the help I am about to give you, this is what makes my waiting so sweet, I do not think of afterward, whether you will treasure the help I will send you or not, my thought is on the now, on this moment, my heart is for you and the help is to communicate with you with my heart; these words are for you, and through my words I place my Love in front of your eyes.


Over the course of existence, often you have encountered emotions similar to mine. In the contact you opened up, showing your pure feeling, you opened up again with hope, and the light of the desire for a contact lit up, possible words that showed that heart to them, like your desire needed to meet; concepts have sent you what your desire wanted to meet, the movement of a body sent you what the desire wanted to meet; you have seen the possibility for the fulfillment of your hunger that your desire wanted to feel.


In the contact there was all of your heart, the strength of your desire and the expected meeting became a meeting in the reality.


You have played with the mind as you dreamed, imagining from the viewpoint of your desire, in front of your eyes the light of the possibility for its fulfillment, you felt this joy while the contact was happening with life, with the reality. You were playing, starting from your heart. A world of expectations opened up during your play and this world is what was brought from the meeting.


The outcome defined your experience of the other; whether the happiness endured, or whether you touched on disappointment, this is the experience that the other heart gave you. This is your experience of what came from the contact.


For me there is neither condition in the meeting, nor expectation, what gives me joy is being among you, communicate with you, offering my heart and all of the Love that I feel for each one of you. Not expectations from the contact, just an experience of me, of how much I love you, and just communicating this means fulfilling my desire. In front of my eyes all I have is the desire to reach you and to speak to you of Love, I just want to communicate to you the experience of a Sky that loves you, in this brother, in every heart that has his Home in this Sky. This is my most important need: communicating that this Sky is the light of the brothers that accompanies you and sustains you, while you exist in your experience on earth.


This experience on earth is important, and through life I see you revisiting emotions, dreams, desires, and this is important, however the truly fundamental experience for each one of you is the awareness of the heart that beats, of the Love that is mobilized, of what happens inside you, of the Love given for others that allows you to feel yourselves as you love, this is the highlight of your lives, the possibility of listening to yourselves as you Are Love, while you face your existence, this is the real condition that you face in your life: being able to feel yourselves Being Love while on earth. This is the identity that often the life on earth tends to hide, your real priority, rediscovering yourselves in Being Love.


Going to every meeting with the openness of being who you are, bringing what you are with Love, bringing your own Being Love, this is the most important experience for you, it’s a constant discovery of yourselves and not a reaction to what is being sent by the other heart, for you it’s every experience, experience of your own identity. Through this experience you will feel peace overwhelm you and you will accept what ever condition will present itself, you will have strength inside you, the strength that was produced by the discovery of your identity.


Brothers, sisters, I remain embraced to all of you, my Love is for all heart.


Your Brother Jesus Christ, in the Peace


With The Heart Towards Life Bringing Your Own Being Love was the Message dictated 26th October 2009


With The Heart Towards Life Bringing Your Own Being Love


With The Heart Towards Life


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