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This Is Love A Feeling That Seeks Words

This Is Love A Feeling That Seeks Words To Express Itself


This Is Love A Feeling That Seeks Words : my sweet and loved brothers, my sweet and loved sisters, with the desire to run and hug you, embrace you tight in my arms and tell you “my brothers I am here”, it’s through the words that I feel your desire, for me these letters that are made up of words are really embraces that include each one of you, letters, words that express my feelings of the heart, letters and then words that open up in the contact; words that express feeling, my Love is close to you in hugging you, words that echo in the Sky and are dedicated to my brothers on earth, in the life experience where the eyes can no longer perceive the existence of our Love as it envelopes you all the time.


The experience excluded from your eyes is an experience that the heart can indeed feel, when my Love surrounds you in an embrace you have this experience in the heart, inside you can feel my emotion making contact with your interior side, with everyone’s emotions. Love that embraces you, Love that donates serenity, Love that fills with light, this is my Love for the heart that listens to me.


My sweet brothers, my sweet sisters, this is my Love that meets you, my feeling is myself for you. I meet you in my feeling, I meet you in my Being Love.


A feeling that seeks words to express itself, to involve your heart in the experience of listening, and this to help you with your own contact with these precious feelings that stir inside you; with every embrace I try to help you regain the contact with your own feeling, all too often neglected by the predominant  mind. The mind that they taught you to listen to, at the expense of listening to the heart.


Listening to the heart, within your feeling, listening to your feeling, this is what is important in life, because the experience of you as Love is what you are really living through the days of your existence on earth. Life is that of the heart, experience is the experience of the heart as you meet people, and meaning is the entire process that matures inside your heart with every day that you spend on earth.


This Love, your Love, Love to mobilize, Love mobilized, Love that allows you to feel a heart, Love that allows you to understand another heart, Love that allows you to live like a heart that gains experience from his own feelings, Love that knows, Love that recognizes itself. This is the treasure of existence: the process of rediscovery of yourselves in your true nature, not as bodies, but as Spirit.


This rediscovery in the heart has a reason: being able to rediscover yourselves means to pay attention to your own world of feelings, comparing it with the Love that lies inside every gesture, every thought suggested by the external world, every process necessary to function, every time you go about living your life. Love inspires life and your being yourselves is inside Love. Your Being Love, this is what you are living.


Sweetly I embrace you once again, and one more time.


In Peace, your brother Jesus Christ.


This Is Love A Feeling That Seeks Words To Express Itself was the Message dictated 29th October 2009


This Is Love A Feeling That Seeks Words To Express Itself


This Is Love A Feeling That Seeks Words


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