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Life In Death Why Death

Life In Death Why Death Life In The Awareness


Life In Death Why Death : my brothers I am with you, my sisters I am with you, my heart is very close to your hearts that are crying, this is the day of remembrance of your own loved ones, recent separations surround the moment with tears and pain, and even the losses from the past fill with tears and pain your present moment; you feel the loss inside the heart, the absence, the daily absence, and even all the moments spent together seem to all have happened in a distant past, the heart is suffering and answering to the absence; death, the ascension to the Sky, they represent for many of you the idea of further distance, as if the limits between our realities were closed in by locked gates.


For many of you there is hope to meet again one day, for others it is the end. And your heart cries and the question to the Sky as to why; both those with hope and those with the anguish from the nothingness turn to the Sky to ask why.


I hear your devastated heart asking me why, why death. But I have life in front of me, not death. A son, the heart you have loved, is life right here next to me; the parent you have loved is life, right here in front of me, the spouse, the life companion is in front of me in life; every affection of yours is here in front of me in life.


Those bodies you have left were the containers of the life that is now with me.


And the Love toward you is intact, nothing changed save the full awareness of being a heart that loves.


This is the passage that death gifts to you: full awareness.


The heart changed; it feels like an emotion, Love in itself, it feels as a heart that shines in the emotion, a heart that faces life with emotion.


This, to answer your questions why, to shine in the awareness.


The eyes on earth do not see, just like the awareness of yourselves was obscured, the eyes did not see anything but the material world, and this is the difficult condition in which that heart was in relationships, loved, placed its Love in contact with people, it took on responsibilities, it was affection and special Love for other hearts, and the Being, its beings, its being a heart, spoke for the time of life on earth, but it did not have awareness of life in itself, of the life of the heart.


Today that this passage on earth has concluded, the life of the heart rediscovers itself and it is life with us, with this awareness.


And the passage between the two worlds is possible for the affection.


You see, even your “I love you” does not remain between you, just like an arrow, it goes across the Sky and reaches the loved heart that, in turn, responds and sends to your heart a “my dear, my life, I too love you will all of myself, my heart is next to you, in your life, at all times, my heart is with you; do not cry my darling, I remain close to you, it’s my heart that commands me to do it, to remain close to you in the life that you will face, remember that the Sky and earth are a just a single reality, a reality that corresponds to affection, we are hearts, we are all hearts, both on earth and in the Sky we are always and only hearts and our hearts are a constant process of Love”


My loved brothers, my loved sisters, next to you is life in the awareness, there is no death, only a passage to awareness.


I embrace you to my heart, my Love is with all of you, awareness of loving you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Life In Death Why Death Life In The Awareness was the Message Dictated 02nd November 2009


Life In Death Why Death Life In The Awareness


Life In Death Why Death


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