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The Doors Of Love The Language Of The Heart

The Doors Of Love The Language Of The Heart


The Doors Of Love : the Sky is for you my dear brothers and for you my dear sisters, our constant effort of Love is for you, every minute, every second, we are in contact with our emotions to all of your hearts, we hear the voice of your hearts, it’s not your mouth, it’s your feeling that expresses itself to us, in life, therefore, it’s through the emotion that you are truly communicating to all of us.


Your words not always reflect the feeling you are experiencing, there are many interferences in your mind as you pronounce your phrases, for example, you can hope for an event and express it with your own words, while in your emotions you are not really refusing the events but perhaps there is a feeling of indignity that makes it difficult for you to see yourselves in that fulfilled event; this is only an example of the language of words versus the language of the feeling of the heart.


We listen to the language of the heart, our interventions respond to those messages. Where there is no awareness of what your heart feels, there is no awareness of the help that you are asking.


You seek in the heart, in your being, you look for the reasons for what you ask, it may be the message that is being heard.


My loved brothers, my loved sisters, look up, there is not just the sky or stars, there is the entire Love that we feel profoundly for you. Every moment the light of our eyes fills up with you and every moment of your existence brings to us the melody of your heart, busy with its life, and we respond from the heart by giving you every necessary help so you heart may play the most sublime music notes in the world.


The music you play in the world reflects every single note of every single heart. All hearts play at the same time and these are the notes that represent the present moment, the precise moment, the Love brings you to sing notes from the heart and always, at all times, the Love from the heart creates the corresponding note. Every note mirrors every emotion inside you that you emit, and therefore it is important to understand this note you are playing, and this awareness calls for listening inside yourselves to the world of emotions.


As you quiz your emotion, you also quiz yourselves over the shadows that you find there, so that your Love may make you shine and produce sublime notes, have faith in our Love, which is always available to help you, which is always available to allow for your growth, which is always available to put you in a position where you can understand and face your life, our Love is also fully available to give you strength. And so, once you reach the gate of your heart, you too may give us your full availability and you open up that gate with our help, and you will meet Love, and you will gain awareness of our intervention of Love.


The help called for is inside the heart, that emotion is being listened to, in us is the full availability to help, in you the full availability to open up your gate.


This is what Love is, respect for you; and your availability is to accept Love.


I say goodbye my brothers, I say goodbye my sisters


In peace, your Brother Jesus Christ


The Doors Of Love The Language Of The Heart was the Message dictated 5th November 2009


The Doors Of Love The Language Of The Heart


The Doors Of Love


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