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Every Individuality Is The Motor Of Universe

Every Individuality Is The Motor Of The Entire Universe


Every Individuality Is The Motor Of Universe : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, I am that light that surrounds you, I am embracing all of you, from the heart I am the air that is around you, embracing you, from the heart I am the feeling that is with you inside the light, surrounding you with my arms; this is what I feel for you from my heart, being with you, a permanent light that brings its feeling to you; you have borders on earth, I fill with my Love this air so I can fill you with Love in the space, in the distance, my brothers, it’s a union of bodies through my Love, union and together, communion through the body of the Spirit.


My loved brothers, my loved sisters, what I feel for you is the strength of the bond that exists between us, the strength of the universe that unites us, the Love that bonds us with everything else, that surrounds us and that is part of each one of us, the universe, the expression of the Love that surrounds us and that is part of us. Everything, the universe, the All, it is expression of Love.


Losing the tie with this vision, considering yourselves a single independent particle of the universe is really negating the reality that is existent and interdependent.


I know that many of you consider yourselves as an individual, a body in itself, an experience in itself, a particle that moves in the space and decides, and lives in the separation, but what you do not consider, or evaluate, is that this particle has a truly constant interaction with all that surrounds it, and what surrounds it determines so many reactions, truly so many of them, that every single particle can actually be considered like the motor of the entire universe.


Therefore every single individuality is the motor, the motor that pushes everything in the universe, in the All.


Today my topic is about the awareness: everyone of you is motor of the universe, of the All.


Everything that the motor creates is the creation. What the motor moves, is moved in the creation. What the motor meets, is a union in the creation.


This awareness of yours, the motor, that determines everything, places you, my brothers and sisters, as creators of the reality that you are living, your motor that starts the universe and the reality and what your motor has created.


The attention is on the creation, it’s your motor that determines creation and reality, what is sowed is reaped, what is donated and what is received, the movement is the harvest, the intention that moves the movement is the harvest, the product you bring is the harvest.  In the unity and in the All, everything is the harvest of what has been created.


Every particle has the awareness of itself, minus the harvest that the particle has created and is creating.


Every particle contributes something to reality, but it’s the particle that produced this reality.


Every particle now is asking itself: I am this creation and I too created this reality.


My sweet particle, if you placed Love as you created, this creation would speak of Love, and the Love would be the harvest in the reality. Think about it, reflect, what do you wish to create?


If you send the Love from you to the universe, your reality will be one of Love, if you donate yourself to others, this will create Love, and if you mobilize Love, Love will create a reality, when in need go ahead and sow, spread your Love, and the need will disappear from the reality, you are always the motor, every time you sow there will be a harvest.


May your awareness be a part of your every action.


I surround you in light and in peace.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Every Individuality Is The Motor Of The Entire Universe was the Message dictated 9th November 2009


Every Individuality Is The Motor Of The Entire Universe


Every Individuality Is The Motor Of Universe


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