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Bad Luck An Experience Of Loss Misfortune

Bad Luck An Experience Of Loss Misfortune Loneliness Fears


Bad Luck An Experience Of Loss Misfortune : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I have come to you today to look at a problem that is quite common among you, what you define as “monsters”, your fears; many of you think of themselves as unlucky, with bad fortune, problems that chase one after the other, everything is against you, “I have such bad luck” a brother may keep repeating this, and it’s true that there are many problems for that brothers, however, it’s the attitude with which those problems are faced that determines the bad luck; the attitude of someone who gives up instead of walking with brothers who need help; every situation of difficulty needs for you to reach out to others for the solution and it means asking others to share their experience, as two hearts in contact with one another to help each other out in the name of Love; you can imagine how it works, many people who hardly ever ask for anything hardly ever receive anything, it’s because those brothers ask for money as opposed to asking for an experience of contact between two hearts; bad luck, an experience of loss, misfortune, this is what the heart feels when it does not open to contact with the experience of the heart.


Many other brothers feel abandoned in their lives, those brothers seek only the contact that they deem is the right one, and many opportunities are overlooked while these brothers are busy evaluating if those opportunities are the right kind of contact for them, and when they shun those opportunities, there is nothing left in the contact, other than them feeling abandoned; this is the experience of those who decided that the heart of a brother or a sister only has a purpose if that heart is the answer to a specific necessity. Those hearts walk right past them, useless, and the heart is felt as useless and without contact. This is the experience of a heart that isolates itself voluntarily with its primary need unfulfilled, the end result is loneliness.


Many brothers have decided that the experience they seek is that of continuity, and they ask a select few people for their contact to fill their whole lives, and they are almost always disappointed. They notice that in their lives there are many hearts around, there are people around, but that heart, which believes in continuity, remains attached to certain few people, to the usual people that have been giving him continuity. For a heart like that, that does not believe in anything other than continuity, the result is disappointment.


You see, my brothers and sisters, to those people that you meet, it’s an experience for everybody, they ask you questions in their contact with you, you notice that they do not create a contact of reciprocal experience between your two hearts, they are actually locked in inside themselves, and while you do open up to them in your contact, that brother only shares his difficulties but places a barrier in their contact.


My brothers, my sisters, this is the reality, there are no monsters, it’s just the result of what you put out there: closure causes closure, necessity causes needs, perplexity causes loneliness, limiting yourselves causes limits.


These are the reasons, it’s what you decided to do that determines your lives; in good and in bad situations, your life is what you choose for yourselves. Sometimes it is necessary to take a hard look at yourselves and reflect, as a heart that is seeking Love.


Life among brothers is a constant exchange, being in your lives with your heart is like being a heartbeat for everyone; this is how a heart loves, a heart that loves means it owns Love.


May the life you have ahead of you to live be a constant exchange, a meeting of Love, experience of contact with other hearts.


I keep on loving you brothers, sisters, you are joy for my heart.


I embrace you with peace


Your brother Jesus Christ


Bad Luck An Experience Of Loss Misfortune Loneliness Fears was the Message dictated 22nd February 2010


Bad Luck An Experience Of Loss Misfortune Loneliness Fears


Bad Luck An Experience Of Loss Misfortune


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