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The Heart Wants To Help

The Heart Wants To Help The Love In Unity


The Heart Wants To Help : my sweet and beloved brothers and my sweet and beloved sisters,  we are with you, brothers, I am with you, sisters,  I am with you, I come to dictate my words to you, and this is the intention: to love you; I could talk to you for hours and hours, but this message that contains my Love will eventually stop, so I can give my heart to you; the moments when you see my words in front of you, my feelings, they reach you and I observe what you feel in your heart for this brother here, who has spoken for all of you; the feeling inside your hearts lights up and it becomes a contact of Love, my brothers and sisters, this is life for me and for you.


I feel that these words descend to the heart and illuminate your hearts with a light of Love, and in this contact I am right inside you, and I listen to the many emotions that you are feeling. This is what Love is for me, listening to you from the heart while we are united.


My dear brothers and my dear sisters, the words I dictate place me in your hearts and I listen to you, and I pick up on accurate emotions from our contact. I pick up on the emotion that guides you as you listen to me, it’s a feeling of unity, and I prepare every subject based on the emotion that I pick up from you. My speech speaks of this Sky, it is shaped by this Sky, it is shaped by the emotion that I feel in you. I listen to it, I pick up information from it, and my Love molds itself around you, my brothers and sisters.


When we listen to a heart speaking, we gather the heart’s emotion, and the heart speaks to that emotion. The heart wants to help, and in many instances placing Love means feeling the emotion that the heart feels inside itself, and always inside the unity, placing Love means sending what your own heart is feeling.


The Love in unity allows you to hear the voice that the heart is expressing, the Love that was activated, the light of the heart, this is what every message sends: the light that turned on.


Love transmits things, Love activated inside the heart transmits things. The heart is transmitted inside the tiniest of messages, it reflects the light that generated it, and as always the light of that heart reflects words.


Just like your words shine with a light that came from your own Love, the same happens with other people. Awareness of your own Love, awareness of other people’s Love.


May your hearts always reflect the intense Love generated in you, in this unity of feeling you get in contact with your brothers and your sisters.


May peace be the one feeling you get in contact with.


With all my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Heart Wants To Help The Love In Unity was the Message dictated 18th February 2015


The Heart Wants To Help The Love In Unity


The Heart Wants To Help


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