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The Growth Of The Spirit

The Growth Of The Spirit Put Love In Your Life


The Growth Of The Spirit : my beloved and precious brothers and my beloved sisters, I come to help you my loved ones, today and forever my heart beats with Love for you and my words shine with feeling. I put Love, every thing I do is generated by the heart, every thought I communicate is generated by the heart, all my feelings, all my Love, I send a feeling generated by the heart with all of my being, all the time.


Brothers, sisters, the feeling that shines upon you has the heart as its source. I feel inside me the Love for each one of you and what I do is to always express what I feel in the heart and as I tend to you, my sending Love is aimed at your heart.


In life there are many moments of worries, worry you feel toward other people, moments of great sadness for the problems of other people, a need to help that can only come from the Love that you are. Often as you turn to those hearts you let your experience guide you, the treasure of the experience, and you communicate solutions and possibilities to pursue, your humanity, facing life, all the roads you took and those you can take to help others, your humanity is all in the life, however, brothers and sisters, what comes from you in your many words is your worry, the Love that you feel comes from you, you communicate the love that you feel.


Often the thoughts that you activate also hide from you the fact that the Love of the heart comes from your own activation. Every reality that sees your activation is generated inside your heart. Sometimes as you continue with your experience you notice a constant variation of your ways of activating, the feeling changed inside the heart, you involve your Love in an infinite range of intensity; just like it is experience to activate inside the same situation, you involve variable moments in the Love, moments of reaction in which you activate the Love, or you manage to express with difficulty your new Love.


Brothers, sisters, it’s always your humanity that makes you react.


What for us is a perseverance in the activation of our heart for you in your humanity is a choice. Perseverance and variation, this is the difference between our hearts.


You see us from the Love, we have no other expectation other than giving voice to the feeling that we feel inside, this is perseverance,  perseverance is to follow the journey only communicating the Love generated inside us, we do not give proofs like in your humanity, we do not put conditions or waiting times like in your humanity, we just love, nothing else. We place our hope in the Love, we give the solution as we communicate Love to that heart, as we place Love in that heart we promote life.


And once again today, as I communicate, I ask nothing from you other than to love you, and place a sweet feeling in your heart I know that as I love I will promote reflection, as I love I will promote growth, as I love I will be a guide for you, and as I love I will promote the light of your hearts to express themselves beyond your humanity.


I say goodbye as I embrace you


Your brother Jesus Christ, in the peace


The Growth Of The Spirit Put Love In Your Life was the Message dictated 15th February 2010


The Growth Of The Spirit Put Love In Your Life


The Growth Of The Spirit


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