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Maturity In The Experience

Maturity In The Experience Growth Is Constant Experience


Maturity In The Experience : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, today I would like to talk to you of the past, of people that before you have walked on the path of existence of life on earth, and now have returned to Life; as many of you learned from the experience, they have witnessed a growing and maturing of their experience.


Age is a concept that belongs to the physical world and it counts the years, but the heart is what expresses the experience. The heart is experimented when you live your experience; feeling, your own reactions as you feel, in the heart every event brings you to feel; the experience matured lies in the listening of your own being.


When your attention is placed on your feelings, on your emotion, you are making experience of the part of yourselves that is the heart. This is the experience of life: in feeling within your selves.


So many emotions are born at the moment of the event as you make initial contact with your heart; from the sweet notes to worry and alarm, these are the possible reactions in your emotion. What you feel is what you are. You react to the emotions and other emotions add up on top of it and you still feel what you are inside, and once again in the emotion you find yourselves in a situation of balance between all these emotions and again you are experimenting yourselves in what you are; over time you seek that balance in the experience of yourselves, in the fruit of the balance in the emotion you found in the past, and this is maturity in the experience.


Each one of you in the past has collected experience of emotions, reaction, has found balance, and now that experience returns to you to face the new event, to bring as quickly as possible the balance in what you feel in the emotion.


And again the growth continues because in the many models of balance found over the course of experience, you seek the model that more than any other has brought serenity into your heart, and the model of the past continues to bring experience into the present. But in the new event perhaps something changes and reaching the balance again is a new experience and every new experience becomes growth; growth is constant experience.


Like many of you, those before you had their growth on earth, and now as they review their lives in the life of the past, they notice that the moments of difficulty that they went through had within them some fundamental experiences; all the notion experimented, the knowledge of themselves as they listened to their heart, the constant search for balance in the emotions, it was very valuable for their growth. Today they have some regrets for not being on earth with the experience they matured up to today, but this is the same regret that you also feel on earth, when you look at your past, the feeling of bringing what your heart is today into your own past and your life, being able to face your life then with the heart that you have now, this maturity that you feel is exactly the fruit of your past.


Within Love you have experienced, within Love you have listened to yourselves, you experimented yourselves in yourselves, in the feeling, in the reactions, in the found balance and this journey is what made you who you are today. This is where the meaning of existence is: experimenting and making contact with yourselves, and building yourselves.


In this important recognition is the meaning of your experience of life among your brothers on earth.


The growth of every creature is what you are observing, you live your growth.


This is the constant project that every heart, everywhere, is bringing forward: growing, growing is continuity.


I embrace you all in the light of my Love, my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Maturity In The Experience Growth Is Constant Experience was the Message dictated 11th February 2010


Maturity In The Experience Growth Is Constant Experience


Maturity In The Experience


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