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The Meaning Of Existence

The Meaning Of Existence In Your Material World


The Meaning Of Existence : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, in this moment, in this precise moment, my heart is all about helping you, the light that my chest is irradiating is the Love I feel for you, my feeling is for you, the sweet feeling I have is for you. What a joy it is to send you my words, I send you the Love I feel and I feel even more joy inside me from our contact; may these words help you in this moment of your existence, help you look at your brothers, at life, with the knowledge of the Love of all of us for you, for each one of you.


Life is so hard when the heart is always seeking for a meaning, for a reason for your existence, a heart that seeks a contact with the emotion in its being itself life, through the experiences it had, it seeks to be life, to feel as existence, existence in the meaning of life. My loved ones, a heart that is always seeking is a heart that is looking for the precious meaning of its being a creature on earth in the experience of materiality.


While the eyes do not see, the heart is seeking a meaning; while on earth the concept of appearance all but surrounds you and moves around you, the heart is seeking a meaning; while that heart is carrying on and seeking everywhere around him, he can only find the meaning inside himself, in his heart that is seeking.


This experience of yourselves questioning yourselves is typical of the heart. Even as you read these words you are seeking contact with yourselves, with this great Love that has illuminated you, you ask yourselves what is the meaning of existence in your material world, in this wanting to also be a great Love in your existence, on how to illuminate you as you ask.


Love is precious, if you truly seek contact with feelings, and in this specific way, then think of every moment as precious for you, think of how much meaning you can give to every single word, think of how much you can sent to another heart even with a simple gesture, think of how much value you are carrying inside you.


The experience of light begins with you, as you bring the light within you, this is when you are aware of how much value you are carrying inside you, the light very slowly will shine from this intensity from you. Turning your everyday moments into precious ones starts within you, in the recognition of the high value of your Love and in the constant opportunity that comes from you in this contact forever lived.


In a way the meaning of life is in giving meaning to the contact with the Love inside you. In your events is your hearts, and in the contact you make in the feeling of Love is where life is.


Brothers, sisters, this is the meaning you are seeking, it is you in your life. The experience is your existence as a heart, your being you as Love that is felt and sent. Love is your life.


In my light I embrace you


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Meaning Of Existence In Your Material World was the Message dictated 8th February 2010


The Meaning Of Existence In Your Material World


The Meaning Of Existence


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