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Love From The Heart Even In Moments Of Pain

Love From The Heart Even In Moments Of Pain


Love From The Heart : my beloved ones, my children, I too am listening to you, my Love for you is immense my sweet creatures; if I could embrace you my hug would be immense, my Love for you, my creatures, is immense; I would just like to answer, my sweet creatures, to your question about being able to be Love from the heart even in moments of pain, even in difficult moments.


In the moments of my great pain during my passage of life on earth, often just like you, my heart would cringe, I was all closed up inside myself, in my intense pain, and I could hear the noise of my tears in my heart, tear by tear, and I would suffer, my heart was suffering. My eyes only produced tears, and in front of me was the intense pain I was feeling. When my eyes ran out of tears, I was left with this intense mute pain, and in that moment the desperation would take over my thoughts, seeking the reasons for my suffering, I was living your questions, your very same questions, questions on events, on my child, on the fact that death had distanced us, and again on my child, I wondered where he was, if he was even alive, if he still existed. I remember the Love that I missed so much, I remember his things that I would take in my hands, looking for some form of contact between my heart and his. I remember the extreme difficulty, the sensation that life itself had abandoned me, all those hours felt like they

were placing even more distance between us. And you, who are familiar with the same pain, I know you understand me because our hearts suffer in the same way. The sweet songs I would sing to him were no longer sweet memories but suffering, even my Love in the memories donated felt insignificant. For this reason my heart would cry: my Love had disappeared, the Love for my child, the Love inside me. This was the darkness that I felt inside me, this was the pain that was tearing me up, this was the death that I felt in me.


My child, my Love, my son, I loved him and I wanted to keep loving him, and day by day I regained the sense of loving my child, and every new day was for him, as soon as I would wake up I would think of my son, and of the new day, and of my Love that I wanted to give him, I would think and I decided to do what he would have liked, and I would start to take care of me, eating, looking after myself, then I would go out and tend to daily errands, and everything I did I would dedicate to his serenity, he would have liked to see me go out, seeing me on a sunny morning helping his companions, and so I even started to feel my own Love again, I felt the resurfacing of sensations in my heart and sweet emotions toward the outside world, toward life, because my actions were full of Love for my child, and for those people whom he had loved. And so every day I loved my child, every day was a day to make my child happy. I transformed the pain that resided inside me into an opportunity to make him happy. And this is what I

had asked the Father every day: today he is with you, but help me make him happy today too, help my Love today again find a way to make him happy. My heart would whisper these few words, and then I would give meaning to my life, day after day.


This is all my children, Love inside the heart gives meaning to every day.


With infinite Love I embrace you, my creatures


The Virgin Mother Mary


Love From The Heart Even In Moments Of Pain was the Message dictated 04th February 2010


Love From The Heart Even In Moments Of Pain


Love From The Heart


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