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All Is Part Of The Journey Of Growth

All Is Part Of The Journey Of Growth Accepting The Existence


All Is Part Of The Journey Of Growth : my dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, I am among you, I am with all of you, I am next to all of you, my Love is like a light that surrounds you, the air all around you, and inside you my heart is beating next to yours; in the last message my sweet Mother, our Mother, explained to you that she really fully understood aspects she discovered during her passage on earth only after she left her physical body, as she regained complete awareness of her being a Soul, noticing that in this terrestrial journey she experimented especially her being an emotion, her being a heart, Love inside her.


Through the complex journey she lived on earth, she discovered the light that had always been inside her heart, through events she always listened to her heart, she expressed feelings, she tended to many people even during moments of pain, this existence through the events had always registered the light, the Love of her heart; on many occasions her heart understood, and as it questioned itself it opted for a choice of Love, these choices of Love produced maturity. And if today she is always with you, it is because she is intending to bring you this awareness and help.


The words that she sends you are all to help you, through the constant contact she expresses her Love for you, and she places herself as a guide to you on your passage through life on earth. Even though your eyes do not perceive many events, the words she communicates are directed at your hearts, and they place hope and help in you. You can feel them, or you can read them, but this is our Mother next to you. Her words of Love are all for you, for every son, for every daughter, a message that comes from the heart to be a contact with your hearts.


Many difficulties in listening unfortunately depend on your limitations, your fears, because listening is so easy, sometimes even seeing her is so easy, nowadays you place the Love of the Sky so far away from you. This is the reality, where only visibility seems to confirm reality, the eyes trick themselves, the words are the fruit of the heart of the brothers, but you only seem to chase this reality with your eyes, as you go seeking contact with other hearts. Even this is living on earth, questioning the eyes and questioning the heart, it is all part of the journey of growth.


My beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, this is the time of discovery, time to truly discover in your hearts the emotion of the words in contact with your inner being, the time to turn to us asking for help in the discovery of the Love near us, of the Love that accompanies you through events, so that your heart may feel the same maturity.


Accepting the existence is like receiving the help and experimenting the Love in your times, to listen to the voice of the heart is like choosing to be the light that has always been inside you.


A sweet thought for us is to help you with all this, our reality is to give constant voice to this thought.


I Love you, this constant thought is my reality.


With all of my heart


Your  brother Jesus Christ


All Is Part Of The Journey Of Growth Accepting The Existence was the Message dictated 01st February 2010


All Is Part Of The Journey Of Growth Accepting The Existence


All Is Part Of The Journey Of Growth


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