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The Actual Purpose To Achieve In Life

The Actual Purpose To Achieve In Life Is Your Own Being


The Actual Purpose To Achieve In Life : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, this is your world, you are all busy leading your lives on earth, this is your world today for you; in this world you experiment your existence as a heart. Infinite occasions and events make your heart question itself on what you are feeling, on what you perceive deep inside yourselves, and how your heart answers; this is your constant experience that you bring with you, over the time of your life on earth.


Among many of you, there are people whose evolution has brought them to see life as an important moment of passage of your evolution, and they experiment this life from their own heart as much as possible, and everything that happens to them is an opportunity to question themselves, to understand their heart in its expression, and to bring toward to world this expression of themselves.


Many of you see life as a material thing, the effort is material, every effort is aimed at materialism, but beyond the material vision there are feelings, and even those very hearts do interrogate themselves within those feelings, and they know each other, and place their hearts as their guides.


And so, after all, there is indeed evolution for every single sweet Soul that is living on earth.


Evolution only gives the perspective on meaning.


The act of existing, within the vision of materialism, interprets the concept of life as “since we are living, let’s make our lives better over the course of time”, but for those who embrace evolution “your own Being is the actual purpose to achieve in life”; and this is progress for you in your own lives too, but in your evolution, in your Being, a Being that  time after time discovers itself and makes itself more and more evident to yourselves and to the whole world.


Progression in the meaning also means opening up more and more toward the entire world, integrating as “companions” those portions, those ever-increasing circles of your reality of earth.


Almost all of you notice that you participate more and more freely to events, always noticing inside the heart the equality in your feelings, in your emotions with your brothers, your participation in teaching equality brings you to participate with your heart to events that are not even yours, but that involve your heart as if they were indeed happening to you.


This brings new meaning because you are feeling inside the heart the same identity to the heart of the other person.


What you are living then becomes your reality in which inside what you are feeling you experience substantial equality of your identity with the world. This evolution is also inside what you experience.


The same identity means being able to understand one another with the heart, giving value to the other person as we do to ourselves, it means sharing life inside the same geography, it means tending to others with Love, as we would to ourselves.


This is the path of evolution that you are achieving even now, by placing these words inside your heart, and by truly listening to your heart as it expresses itself.


May my words allow you to listen to what your heart is communicating to you within the joy that I feel for you, may my Love make you feel embraced to me now more than ever.


In peace, your brother Jesus Christ


The Actual Purpose To Achieve In Life Is Your Own Being was the Message dictated 01st March 2010


The Actual Purpose To Achieve In Life Is Your Own Being


The Actual Purpose To Achieve In Life


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