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Messages Of Spiritual Growth

Messages Of Spiritual Growth The Home In The Heart


Messages Of Spiritual Growth : my much loved brothers and my much loved sisters, here I come, once again I am with you, I come to look at you in the eyes with infinite tenderness, I bring you my Love intact for you, within my wish is my yearning to send you the infinite joy that I feel for being with you.


The Home of my heart if full of you. There are not only emotions inside my heart, but there is also the presence of each one of you, presence in my heart of you, presence of your experiences, presence of your past, presence of everyone in the present moment; this is my listening to you, in every moment my listening to you speaks to me of you, and this presence is what speaks inside me. This is my life: presence in the listening to you.


I tell you that my heart is with you at all times, because it is listening, it is constant presence of you in me. Your experience involves my heart at all times, from morning till night, everything that happens to you speaks to me in the heart, this is my life my brothers.


I know that many of you are questioning themselves over their situations of difficulty, and, as they look up to the Sky, “Are you listening to my problems? Don’t leave me alone” and I do hear these words in my heart, help, difficulty, I do hear them inside me, hope and possibility and help in a project, and I do hear them inside me, rushing to aid, help in illness, I do hear them inside me, hope and help to loved ones, I do hear them inside me, uncontrollable situations, sudden events, and I do hear them inside me, every fault and responsibility, I do hear them inside me, presence, this is the presence of you inside me.


It’s not just by looking at your face that I notice the presence of a problem, your problem is already within me, as I listen to my heart, you have already told me everything.


You finally scream “I know you are listening to me, in my humanity, I know you are listening, I am telling you the words that I feel inside my heart, every time I question myself I am also telling you, every time I face a problem I am telling you, the increasing pain I feel, I am telling you that, a hope that I feel inside me and that gains strength, I am telling you, my Love speaks with you all the time, you know everything about me in your heart”.


This is the truth my brothers, because I share life with each one of you.


In my Home I listen to you, in my Home I gather everything about you, I have inside me every situation that happens to you.


But presence is not necessarily consolation, because, if you do not notice me, you remain in a feeling where you think you are alone in facing life, my brothers, for this reason I invite you to place me in your own Home. Inside you there is a much greater presence of the Sky, yet you still think of me as being distant, this is your Home today brothers, and I can not enter if you feel a distance between us, do you understand now the situation, my brother, my sister?


Every thought you have is inside me, but how can I console you if you place me far away from your heart? Even if I screamed at you, you would not feel me, but I can speak to you like you speak to me, I do it inside your heart, but I do need the invitation to be with you in your Home, and only then you will hear my answers and my emotions, and you will understand your own emotions. Here, the invitation has reached me, “May I, my loved brother?”, “May I, my loved sister?”


We proceed together in the light now, do you remember your past? It was without me.


In my embrace are all of your hearts


Your Brother Jesus Christ


Messages Of Spiritual Growth The Home In The Heart was the Message dictated 04th March 2010


Messages Of Spiritual Growth The Home In The Heart


Messages Of Spiritual Growth


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