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Awareness Of The Communications

Awareness Of The Communications Inside Your Heart Among Your Own Emotions


Awareness Of The Communications : my loved brothers and my beloved sisters, much much loved, my intervention today is to help you feel our presence not only inside your mind but also inside your heart; I know you await to welcome my words into your mind, through your hearing, as if I was a human being and I spoke to you directly, but the form of our contact is not through the body, the contact we have built is only through the heart; I come to you and I reach your heart as soon as there is a presence inside your heart, as soon as there is a presence of me in the Home of your heart.


I communicate deep inside you through your emotions, I seek words and I translate them into emotions, and I place my speech inside you. Often you translate the thought that transmits my emotions, and so the words you hear are the product of your translation of the emotion that I sent inside you. “It’s as if his eyes were upon me, and if together, through his eyes, he invited me to look at reality also accepting the bad that comes from brothers, as an opportunity for knowledge of understanding how you can deny the heart of a brother, in a heart that is a carrier of Love that the brother is denying inside himself”, these words are interpreting a translation of my emotion.


A subtle emotion, a translation of what was sent.


And here comes the listening to the emotion that I sent.


You see how the words that are transmitted through the emotion return to your interpretation as words, a message, dictated for you.


Is this message really an accurate interpretation of the words pronounced by me to your heart? In an attempt to capture the emotion as much as possible, the words are similar, the words that you use are the same ones you are accustomed to using, my words are similar in content, not always in the form, but these are details.


Let’s take the contact with the emotion, in what you feel, in the many emotions that situation awaken in you, if you have contact with the emotions that you feel inside you, you have awareness of your reaction to events, therefore your knowledge of the emotions is already known; I know that it is very difficult to maintain contact with your feelings, it’s obvious brothers, you are used to hearing words being spoken to you, not through your heart, but if you continue to listen to yourselves, to what your heart is saying, like emotions, then all of a sudden you will notice emotions inside you that you are not used to, that you do not know well, and these are the emotions that your Brother Jesus is sending you; it will not take long to notice that among your own emotions there are other, new emotions that surface, that bring you help, if you feel them without interpreting them, the words will come to translate what is sent to you.


In the heart comes the listening quietly to those words, an awareness of the emotions of your reactions, of what you feel, and then the discovery of the important message that puts help into your existence.


Listening to the heart takes place in this way, and now you think of the emotions that have guided you in the hope, the emotions of passion, strength to face situations, clarity that was gained in many moments, better communication in some moments, are you noticing these things happening? This has been our interaction that happened in the past, even if not in full awareness, from today on, with what I taught you, you could start to listen with awareness.


This is a small but important step to elevate yourselves yet again to the Truth.


I embrace you with all of my love.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Awareness Of The Communications Inside Your Heart Among Your Own Emotions was the Message dictated 11th March 2010


Awareness Of The Communications Inside Your Heart Among Your Own Emotions


Awareness Of The Communications


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