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The Manifestations Of The Spirit The Vision

The Manifestations Of The Spirit The Vision Of Spirit


The Manifestations Of The Spirit : I come with my Love to you, precious brothers and precious sisters, I come to you to bring you words, I come with the intention to help you with words, and my help is always to remind you that Love surrounds you at all times.


My beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, our entire heart is for you, our purpose is to help you be a heart even in the form of existence that you are going through now on earth.


You are a substance as a Spirit, light when compared to the body that you see, you are dressed with energy, with vibration, and it’s not just those clothes you wear, inside the heart you are a feeling, not just a muscle with valves which is what the heart uses to function, you are much more than what your eyes can perceive, for everyone, the true garment is the Spirit.


Where you are, in every place, you are a presence, a presence with your Spirit.


Even death, that you only get to experience on earth, is the moment of passage that sees the Spirit regain its natural dimension, regain its shape, its substance, and you abandon the forms which are necessary to you to be able to go through your experience in the moment of unawareness that you are experimenting in the materiality of earth.


You are Spirit, Spirit that the heart experiments, while to your eyes the perception of the Spirit is absent.


And so you see with your eyes, with the Spirit you experiment who you are.


In front of your eyes there are other Spirits that you can not perceive with your eyes, but only in the manifestation of their Spirit to you, in the Love transmitted is how you know others, you can mature your knowledge of others through the voice of the Spirit of the other person.


Therefore you exchange manifestations, and again it is the Spirit, in the Love is the expression of the Spirit.


Words that you feel in your heart, my words, this too is experience of the Spirit, I speak to you and I am among you in my form of Spirit, you listen and you are of my same form, Spirit on earth wrapped up into a body of matter, but the only thing that listens and learns from life is always and only your Spirit.


To your eyes the vision of Spirit is negated to your brothers, sisters, to our eyes the Spirit shines with much intensity, emotions shine in various colors, and the colors you express are always vibrant, all your emotions, what you feel, what you experience fills the perception of your Spirit with color, when you love you send an explosion of light; in every moment you are in your Spirit you are this reality of light, it sends everything about you, it is knowledge of everything through your light, the emotions are expressed by the dominant thought and they generate light, a variety of light in your emotions, as your thoughts alternate and speak to us of what you are experimenting, these are the stars of our heavens: colors that you activate with every situation.


Now those who have passed through death on to this Sky have this vision of all of you, the everything that is in your heart, it illuminates with the emotions, this is the emotion that you send to the eyes of the Spirit that is now looking at you.


As you gain awareness of listening to your heart you too will see, in your feelings, the light that you send from your own heart. A sweet thought illuminates you immediately, in the joy there is an explosion of light, this happens all the time in you.


Once again I embrace the light that is with you, I place Love and thoughts of awareness inside you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Manifestations Of The Spirit The Vision Of Spirit was the Message dictated 26th April 2010


The Manifestations Of The Spirit The Vision Of Spirit


The Manifestations Of The Spirit


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