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The Prayer Of Jesus Christ To God

The Prayer Of Jesus Christ To God The Father


The Prayer Of Jesus Christ To God


My beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, like this, with my heart ready to welcome your hearts, this is how I present myself to all of you.


Right in my feeling I welcome you brothers an sisters, I welcome you brothers, sisters, into my heart, and I cover you with Love, I surround you with my Love, I embrace you in my Love, I feel you in my Love. We are a unity with Him in Love.


Our Father, open your arms and welcome your children, welcome all of us as your children, Father feel our hearts in our great Love for You, help us open the hearts of the many brothers who live in unawareness.


My Father, if you knew the Love that I feel for my brothers who are asleep, I would love to call them with sweet notes to reawaken them, I would like to call them to the sweet life, I would like to take them by the hand an lead them to Love so that they may feel joy in their hearts in their discovery of You, and again  I would like to guide them to consider life, their existence, as the most precious opportunity for the life of a Soul to be sweetly the Love that You donated and put into their chest, promising them eternal life. Father, I would like to donate everything to your children, whom I love, whom I have loved more than my own existence, and whom I continue to love, making them my own very existence. Father, I beg you, help me send my Love to all of your children, I beg you, help me take them by the hand, and welcome them into my arms, surrounding all of them with the immense Love that I feel for them, for everyone, make my life a constant contact of Love with all of your children, I ask you my Father, help me fulfill my dream, the dream of my heart, I love and I want to help all of our Father’s children. I know that you have the same in your heart, the same immense Love as mine, the same desire to fulfill, but sometimes, you see, my Love would like to fulfill my desire right away, whereas You are patience and You are time and You are confidence that, over time, the accomplishment of this is simply inevitable.


I ask for opportunities for us so that this unity may be forever as us together, but in little time, less time, help us be the experience of Love for others, give our hearts the strength to Be only your Love and help us take every child by the hand, as if that hand was yours, please ensure that our existence be full of You so we may bring You to others, make every day a day of existence of Love where we can bring You to others, give us every opportunity to Be with You when with others. Give us the light with which we can illuminate these loved hearts, make our awakening a sweet melody for those hearts of brothers and sisters who did not see before. This is my heart, this is the heart of your children today in front of You, do Love these creatures, these truly precious flowers, understand them in their own difficulties an send peace into their hearts, I am with You in the Love, I do not have an opportunity to make a mistake, but these children of yours are on earth and Your Love is not there to reign over things, help them with Your strong presence in their hearts. In the Love I do know that you listen to them, in the Love give them Your strength. I love you my Father.


Your son Jesus Christ


The Prayer Of Jesus Christ To God The Father is the Message dictated 31st May 2010




The Prayer Of Jesus Christ To God The Father


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