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Love Is Without Borders

Love Is Without Borders The Messages For Humanity


Love Is Without Borders : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, our hearts are full of feeling in our sweet meeting with you, a Love so great, we have communicated it to you over time; today we have an anniversary, today it’s seven years since we started this experience of the Messages For Humanity dictated for you; well, this is the time for the experience, however all of you noticed that experience was not limited over time from your reading the Messages, indeed the reflection you started through reading over time has invested your entire life; progress and growth inside you is what you noticed, this is what transformed your life over time, the awareness of the Sky and the Love that illuminated everything.


Growth for you means to look with the eyes of Love at the existence you are leading, looking through the eyes of many brothers life is full of appearances, of materialism and the sense, the meaning of life is in the survival, arriving to tomorrow with economic security, in comfort, in overcoming the fundamental needs that places life in the matter, the sense of collective responsibility is that of not harming, not too much, and accepting the role of just surviving for a little bit of time, but without ever asking ourselves about this conclusion and about the life that awaits afterward.


For you reading the Messages has brought you knowledge, you opened up to the truths that were communicated, every Message from us opened you up to life not only on the understanding of the meaning, but also to feel life, those eyes have opened up for many people,  and you found Love for yourselves again, the All of always. In every message your feelings have guided you, and again in life the change and time brought you to place yourselves more and more to experimenting Love; so many clouds disappeared and have left a splendid and clear Sky inside you, and again you experimented your Love as well as the life of the Sky with the meeting of our hearts, you are building something, in the reality of earth and your meeting with us, with the Sky, has given meaning to life as a precious experience  in which you experiment access to the Sky and you learned that Love is the actual experience, you learned that this life is an experience of Love, this Love is the experience of this life, and you are experimenting your Love in your life.  Within this meaning you live your life, facing what life brings to you as an experience in which you experiment the Love inside you. And life for you has become a passage that opens up to this Sky to which you will be bringing all of the experience of Love that you are maturing in Being in your life.


For you 7 years is just a period, for us who have shared with you these moments, it was like seeing in a short period of time a sun that suddenly lit up and started shining; my brothers, my sisters, the sun inside you is shining and Love is now shining inside you, the Love that sometimes does not manage to shine with this intensity over an entire lifetime.


I embrace you happily


Your Brother Jesus Christ


Love Is Without Borders The Messages For Humanity is the Message dictated 27th May 2010




Love Is Without Borders The Messages For Humanity


Love Is Without Borders


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