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The Expression Of Your Heart Is Your Freedom

The Expression Of Your Heart Is Your Freedom messages


The Expression Of Your Heart Is Your Freedom : my sweet and precious brothers and my sweet and precious sisters, I am with you, I am with my Mother who is here with you brothers, our Love is illuminating you and while our eyes are looking at your hearts, Love is illuminating us; you, whom we keep in our heart, you whom we love, you whom we help, whom we respect, you brothers who are everything for our hearts.


There is so much Love in the heart, it illuminates every moment our Love for you, the light spreads into a big hug and it includes everyone; our only desire is to be for you the same as the Love that we feel, being for you the light so big that starts from our hearts, expressing our Love to you, feeling you united to our Love, seeing you shine in our Love. Our Love is so strong that while we speak our heart is exploding in the light. Our constant being is of this moment, it’s with this feeling that we always come to all of you. This is the feeling that guides us, guides us to understand, to be in your life, and even in the mistakes made we always have a look of Love upon you.


We know that on earth life is difficult and that many difficulties come from Love that is not practiced, from the example that is not followed, from your Being Love that many times is locked up inside you.


It’s a difficult world where what is important is only with appearances and not with feelings. It’s a difficult life on earth without the heart having freedom to express itself in the feeling. But you believe in this freedom, many of you smile, it’s a desire of each one of you to give freedom to your heart; brothers, sisters, this is because freedom is your expression. How can I be me if I then put limitations on myself? When I express myself I feel the emotion in me , I can allow myself to be a complete expression of myself, I can communicate what I feel in my emotion, the Love I feel, here, here is what I am feeling, and my emotion communicates to the other what my heart is feeling, my brothers, my sisters, your free expression is only through the expression of what you are experimenting. The expression of your heart is your freedom.


I know that you think other people’s opinion is important, but the expression of your Love, only your affection will be communicating, and every heart lights up with the contact with Love, with emotion, with what you are feeling and your freedom will create even more freedom for your emotion to be transferred to others.


We live in this freedom, we invite you to this freedom. As you are yourselves you listen to the emotion, you immerse yourselves in your feelings, you gain experience from what you feel and you bring your experience to the heart of the other, and  the feeling you experiment and communicate expands inside you and you gain complete experience from it.


My beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, for me your love is everything, when you allow yourselves to the complete expression of your feeling you look at yourselves with joy, when there is freedom of your expression there is joy for you.


I embrace you sweetly, my light is always upon your heart, illuminating you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Expression Of Your Heart Is Your Freedom  is the Message dictated 24th May 2010




The Expression Of Your Heart Is Your Freedom messages


The Expression Of Your Heart Is Your Freedom


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