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Listening To The Heart Is The Center

Listening To The Heart Is The Center Of The Spirit


Listening To The Heart Is The Center : my dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, I am with you, once again today is our meeting, once again today your Brother Jesus is communicating with you to allow you more and more to conquer awareness in the journey you are leading during your experience of life on earth; aware, being more aware, this is the journey that you brought on earth from the Sky, to then continue it in the Sky; during your journey your Soul is experimenting itself, and it does so on earth without any visual contact with the reality of the Sky; do you understand the reason for the many mistakes? why on earth, in your reality, what leads to errors is believing in the appearance, in the perception, and not in the listening of the heart and what is perceived in the emotions; listening to the heart is the center of the Spirit, while the eyes can notice only the materiality, with the eyes I see, but through my heart I feel the true reality.


As I love I feel life beating in me, and as I love I feel life. I only notice that I exist, that I am me, when I love. When I am in the feeling I notice that I am in the life, by loving I notice the experience of life in my heart in that precise moment. I am a heart, feeling, sweet Love. Everything is important to me that allows me to experiment myself for what I am, an emotion, a heart, sweet Love. Every creature is very important to me because through the meeting I can experiment in my Being a heart, Love, emotion. And this humanity, that I welcome in my life, is so precious for me because it can allow me to express myself as a heart, Love, feeling, giving me life in the meeting.


Is it only words that speak of me? The impression in the voice, the choice of my words, my entire body talks about me and I send to the other person the content of the emotion that I am feeling, the myself that I feel is inside me. Everything is my voice when I am a heart, a feeling, Love. Everything inside the emotion speaks of my life; existing in the emotion means to experiment myself in what I am. I am a heart, a feeling, sweet Love, but only living in the emotion can give me awareness of what I am.


Here, brothers, sisters, this is the heart, being in the feeling is like discovering yourselves in your identity, it’s discovering the infinite possibilities of being a heart, is finding in the feeling that Me that we are trying to define, this is why we are experimenting, to define that Love inside us.


Brothers and sisters, only by experimenting can we define us – the Love that we are. And experimenting within the emotion.


The world that welcomes me is precious, life on earth is truly precious, even my eyes that do not see are precious, because only by experimenting myself in the heart I will be able to define myself in what I am in every place, in every period, in a body or in the absence of a body, in every dimension, I am forever. My identity is the heart and wherever this heart is, I am there.


My brothers and sisters, my heart is with you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Listening To The Heart Is The Center Of The Spirit  is the Message dictated 20th May 2010




Listening To The Heart Is The Center Of The Spirit


Listening To The Heart


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