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The Infinite Possibilities To Be Love

The Infinite Possibilities To Be Love In Your Life


The Infinite Possibilities To Be Love : my beloved brothers, my beloved sisters, I hear sweet answers from your hearts to our presence next to you; our meeting fills me with tenderness, I welcome you, I take you in my arms, brothers, sisters, I am here for you; my arms are long because there are so many of your hearts, and all, all, I wish to include each one of you in my embrace; every heart of yours is in my embrace with me, and as we are united in this moment, my embrace continues during every smallest moment of your life, what is different is only the use of the words in this moment, but I am with you always, my brothers and sisters.


A few days ago I was speaking to you of your experience of life in your emotion, I was speaking to you of the reason of the heart.


The experience of life in the heart is the consequence of lighting up your heart with the Love you are carrying; as you love, that brightness illuminates the heart; the experience of loving produces the brightness inside you and it sends experience of life to your heart; the light transforms what you are feeling in your emotion into an experience of life; you are feeling an emotion of life when the brightness that comes from loving lights up inside you.


My brothers, my sisters, here is what I am explaining, your emotions responded by feeling a sensation of life every time you love.


For many brothers the need to feel life brings them to see in the emotions the reason for existing in life, a surrogate of a meaning is offered to you by owning a car, or a trip, an unnatural use of your sexuality, even reaching an objective of being famous, of course these things reach the heart but it’s the pride that lights up and once the moment wears off there is nothing left of the life that is lit up and once again the heart has no choice but to keep on searching.


For many of you the center of the search is the heart, living the emotions, being embraced, receiving Love, being in the smiles of those people you helped, being content with the harvest of all that you sowed, feeling in the heart the joy of the other person who found in that moment that your heart was listening to him, the joy of those who feel forgiven for a mistake they made, the joy of the erased selfishness when, as you meet Love, the heart opens up like a flower.


This experience that is life in the heart only knows happiness and not only for just a moment, but it becomes the everlasting memory of happiness and the key of that memory is joy.


As you noticed, the entire precious life starts from your heart to that of another, Love in life, your brightness that goes to the other person to illuminate, and the experience that is produced in you, is life in the heart and forever a memory of joy for the heart.


Only for Love, it is said so many times, I have been there for the other person only for Love, in the life that I feel, my action was in the light that I felt illuminating inside me, my gestures, my attitude, my feeling that goes to the other, all this turns into life inside me.


My beloved ones, in this life that is a passage of experimentation, Love is what is experimented; it’s only Love that pushes in the movement to experiment yourselves even more; you also notice that as the expression of you grows, you tend to experiment yourselves more, confronting yourselves more and more with your Being in the emotion, this is the Love that pushes you to confront yourselves more and more with the infinite possibilities to Be Love, moment after moment of your life.


You are in my eyes, my sun beams that produce brightness as you love, and as you love you promote life for other brothers. In my eyes there is the right pride to see you happy for the life that beats inside you with ever more intensity.


We are united in the Love


Your Brother Jesus Christ


The Infinite Possibilities To Be Love In Your Life is the message dictated 17th May 2010


The Infinite Possibilities To Be Love In Your Life


The Infinite Possibilities To Be Love


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