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The Reason Of The Heart Listening

The Reason Of The Heart Listening To The Reasoning Of The Heart


The Reason Of The Heart : my precious brothers and my precious sisters, here I am with you, through these pages my Love speaks to you and through words my feelings shine the infinite Love that I have inside my heart for each one of you my brothers, my sisters; being with you is an explosion of joy, brothers you are all in my arms, my hands are united with yours, always close during the precious moments of Love next to you in life, in your past, in your present my heart is close to the heart of each one of you.


I would like to speak to you of this occasion that finds us all united through the message of the reason of the heart.


What you seek in life is the reason of the heart, every time you see the light turn on inside you, that is the reason of the heart. Through experience, what you are seeking is the reason of the heart. This light that turns on and shows you the way, it’s through the journey that you reach what you are looking for. The expression of yourselves in your existence has the reason of the heart as a main factor. Just like in the morning the first sunrise lights are followed by the bright light that illuminates the day, so does the reason of the heart shine first of all inside the heart to then shine in your lives.


For everyone the morning is the beginning of existence, how will the day go for each one is not known yet, even with the usual effort nobody knows what life will produce in the heart, your emotions, the surprise of a moment, an unforeseen meeting, what the day will be in the emotions is not known to you yet; through the reason of the heart you start your day, “Will I meet Love?”, you ask, “Will my being a creature in the world among brother and sisters fill my heart with emotion? Will I feel a smile filling my heart at the end of the day?”


Does your day begin like this, my brothers and sisters?


For many of my brothers it does not, you move through life without listening to the reasoning of the heart, as if life, the day itself, is what brings you the reason for existence, a reason for all your commitments, for all that you do.


Many of you who, on the other hand, are fulfilling their lives, start from the heart, even listening to the reasoning of the heart, life as an experience of emotion, living your own selves in your meetings, participating, taking charge, in the Love you feel is how you express yourselves, giving meaning to existence in its complete expression of yourselves. A reason for getting to know yourselves through others is life, a reason to understand yourselves is life, a reason for expressing yourselves is life. Seek the emotion from the heart and life will be a constant opportunity to live an emotion.


When you await an emotion from life it’s but a faint light, when the reason of the heart feeds your existence then comes the explosion of the daylight in your heart.


My brothers, my sisters, living in the emotion is an explosion of  light in your heart, from outside you await what in the emotion is already inside you.


Life as an opportunity to be in the emotion is real living. Life that awaits emotions is surviving events.


My treasured ones, I am carrying the life inside me in the emotion, you are my Love, I breathe for you, my existence is for you my brothers and sisters, I breathe and you are the reason for my existence.


In the Spirit your brother Jesus Christ


The Reason Of The Heart Listening To The Reasoning Of The Heart is the Message dictated 13th May 2010


The Reason Of The Heart Listening To The Reasoning Of The Heart


The Reason Of The Heart


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