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The Constant Choice Allows To Change Reality

The Constant Choice Allows To Change Reality messages


The Constant Choice Allows To Change Reality : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, my heart is beating, I feel inside a sweet feeling, I feel Love inside me, so much Love for you, a huge amount of Love for each one of you; the time I spend speaking is truly an instant compared to the amount of time I would like to be spending with you, every emotion I would like to express to you, I would like to tell you about every contact with each one of you, I always want to tell you what my eyes see, I notice that my feeling would always want to spend every moment with you; today my emotion shines in my being with you right now, donating my Love to you, my great passion for all of you; now I am with you in the moment, my light is an event of light as I am here with you while I live myself in the desire of my heart.


Many brothers ask themselves if, while we see them on earth, if we feel emotions, and if we see disorder and injustice then why we do we not intervene, in front of events that cause death of many creatures, why our silence, the avoidable deaths, why is there not an intervention from us, questions that demand an answer.


When you descend into the experience of the body, it is clear to everybody that the intervention of the Sky will be important, however, your own Soul, the project that we carry with us as we descend into the body, this is what will be important for the Sky, the Sky’s help to fulfill it.


The prayers to our Sky are always listened to, and every sweet help that arrived is always donated to that Spirit for the accomplishment of your own project, and once it is achieved, the project is fulfilled, then death allows you to return to the Sky. In the Sky is where our constant experience takes place, life is but a parenthesis on earth, our constant existence is in the Sky.


Many of you think that being on earth is your experience of life, the words I say confirm to you that our reality of constant life is the Sky. Your being right now on earth is your choice, it’s like a trip where you gather experience, alone, without us in the Sky, you gain your experience and mature experience in the constant contact with the reality that you meet, and again on your journey you meet brothers and you experiment with them, together, this reality, and again with them there is contact with many events, mistakes made by other brothers, a lot of humanity that is suffering, the economic power, violence, many people fighting with relatives, and wars, each one of you meets all this in your journey and the Sky is watching all this together with you, you look at the Sky and you ask why, and the Sky responds: “This is your choice, each one of you can choose how to be, it could be Love or it could be selfishness, he could be distant or he could be involved, he could participate or he could be indifferent, it could be ideals or needs that have to be met, he could embrace Love or harm those bodies, it’s all your choice, moment after moment the choice determines your trip, your existence among brothers on earth. What you see in every situation is the product of the choice of each one of you and during this trip, because the constant choice allows to change the reality of every situation, the constant choice shapes the future of events. In the Sky there is respect of your freedom, you all participate to the events, your freedom in the choice determines your tomorrow, therefore you are knowingly living your journey on earth together with us”.


This Message From The Sky goes to all brothers and all sisters on earth, what you are building is determined by what you donate of yourselves as you live.


My brothers I hug you really tight, my sisters I send you a kiss


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Constant Choice Allows To Change Reality was the Message dictated 10th May 2010



The Constant Choice Allows To Change Reality messages


The Constant Choice Allows To Change Reality


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