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A Reason To Love In The Spirit

A Reason To Love In The Spirit The Discovery Of God The Father


A Reason To Love : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, I am always with you, the Spirit is my body, the light of the heart expresses my emotion, infinite Love for you brothers and for you my sisters, a sweet proposal with every encounter to be a demonstration of my Love; my brothers, as it has been from the beginning of our creation, the gift of the Father, the Love, it shines inside us and from the heart it illuminates the Spirit; from our creation the journey we are making is that of noticing this gift that we are all carrying inside, and this discovery brings us to our constant evolution.


If we feel an emotion from the heart, let’s make contact with that emotion and let’s get to know it as we live, by doing so we will know the Spirit. As we live we make contact with the emotion, with what is being expressed in us, and the life becomes a discovery of the heart.


We all feel emotions inside, they are emotive replies to events, and this is part of your humanity, but when the Love starts from the heart we enter in contact with the Spirit, the part of us that is the gift of the Father; the Spirit speaks of our reality; we are creatures made of Love, spiritual identities, identities of Love.


When we enter in contact with the Spirit the heart opens up and inside the emotion is the knowledge of the Father. A world of light expresses itself inside as the Father is a world of light; the Love so great, almost unbearable, this is the Love of our Father; the understanding, the welcoming, this is our Father for us; the strength, the courage to be in the experience, this is His doing for each one of us; the forgiveness, the consolation, this is the Father in every moment; the passion that gives enterprise belongs to Him again; the reply that comes from the Love is once again the voice of the Father expressing itself.


This knowledge of His Love is expressed inside us in the heart that is liberated whenever you love; in this experience, loving, we reach the understanding of the Love that the Father donated to us, the fragment of Himself that lives inside us.


Here is a valid reason to love, the discovery of yourselves, the discovery of God the Father.


This is why every experience of Love is so important for us, if inside us there is Love beating, there is the Father, and the Father reaches us through extension. This is the contribution that we bring through us, by being in contact with Love we share the Father in the world. In the contact with the creator we illuminate all of the creation.


I hug you very very tight in the Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


A Reason To Love In The Spirit The Discovery Of God The Father was the Message dictated 6th May 2010


A Reason To Love In The Spirit The Discovery Of God The Father


A Reason To Love


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