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Existence Is Eternal The Word Sky Is Eternal

Existence Is Eternal The Word Sky Is Eternal


Existence Is Eternal : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I come to you with my Love this sweet morning, the sun shines in Sara’s room, my heart shines while speaking to you; the air is warm, the blossoming flowers take me to my thought of the heart, my brothers, my sisters, inside you there is a little, fragile flower that is leading it’s experience of being on earth; like you, all these little flowers, living their experience on earth, are exposed with all their fragility to the events of life; just like you these flowers have problems with other brothers and with the world of things, and they feel impotent and even more fragile.


There is earth, a beautiful world made of sun and of nature, of seas and lakes, of mountains and creeks, this is what the physical earth presents to your eyes, and then there are many hearts in this passage that is life on earth. You bring with you your past in your memories, the past makes it impossible to meet with the new, I truly have sweetness for the scared hearts that face existence expecting nothing but to end up being hurt by others. What that little flower does not know is that we are right next to you, every moment along the way. What the little flower does not know is that we take care of your problems, and we send you strength, sweet understanding, hope and possibility.


In your fragility it is easy to feel the hope abandoning you, and all the anguish for what is happening, and we open up that heart to our Love…. Brother, sister, think of us, it is right to ask for our help, our intervention, but just like you are listening to us right now, we are always here, we are never too busy to neglect even one single flower, this is a message for you who are thinking from the point of view of a Being that has been neglected, that thinks that not even the Sky cares about you, you do matter, and very much my dear, because every heart have a decisive importance to Love, just like in our Sky everyone joins in to help you, so on earth will be our intervention to help everyone, because if we sustain that little flower in its fragility, perhaps tomorrow that little flower will give all of its Love to those who will be depressed.


Being among you is so important, to help you and sustain you, giving water of Love to every tiniest flower, so that in this security in us that little flower may feel protected and strong with Love for us.


When this experience will conclude, it will shine with Love as it will notice in front of its eyes that the Sky kept its promise: eternity.


This little flower always had eternity inside, but the world of things made it impossible to think eternally, the illusion of an end, of death, it’s the base for your fragility, the word Sky is eternal, a reality that we experiment, a thought that we instill into your heart with the many manifestations of our Love.


Here, brother, existence is eternal, may your journey have this light.


With my Love, I place myself by your side


Your brother Jesus Christ


Existence Is Eternal The Word Sky Is Eternal  is the Message dictated 7th June 2010




Existence Is Eternal The Word Sky Is Eternal


Existence Is Eternal


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