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Reflect Do Not React

Reflect Do Not React To The Voice Of Your Humanity


Reflect Do Not React : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, the discussion, my discussion for today, it brings you inside your heart, to feel the voice of the heart in your reactions; on thousands of opportunities the hearts react to events, a meeting is an opportunity in which the heart reacts, an unforeseen event and the heart reacts, the opportunity for a contact and the heart reacts by itself, a news and the heart reacts, thousands of opportunities, as I said, thousands of opportunities where the heart reacts.


As your heart reacts it fills you with emotion, these emotions mirror your humanity, your history, what you have lived in the past on another event returns back to you in the form of a reaction, in your past a positive or negative memory fills the heart in the current event with these emotions. With every event you tend to repeat your history.


An impression and you react, a phrase and you react, a point of contact with the past and you react.


You react and the reaction is immediate, and outside of you, outside of your heart, you bring your attention there and you invest the reality of emotion from your past. This is the voice of your humanity.


As I taught you, my sweet brothers and sisters, reflect, do not react.


Reflecting means feeling your own emotions, welcoming them and understanding them, truly listening to which part of you has been touched, thus creating a reaction, if it was Love that you felt, if it was pain, feeling it inside you, that precise point of contact is also a deepening of the knowledge of yourselves. Feeling that pain in the heart or that Love, it’s a knowledge of the aspects of your own heart, what we believe in, what we believe can be existence, all of our values, the objectives you fulfilled, what is right for us. The reaction to an event has these factors as determining factors, the reactions to other brothers take place when these points have been touched.


As you listen to the heart you make contact with these points inside you, points that define you, listening to the voice of the heart: what I believe, what I am, what I feel as value, what has value in me.


Once I regained the contact that I had abandoned in the moment of reaction, I can, within the contact with my heart, decide to be myself in what I believe, in what has meaning, a value in what is the meaning.


And this explains the reason for my reaction to the event, and I approach things a different way, bringing from the heart to the reality of what I have learned about myself, my own self, this meaning is what I bring into the event, into the reality.


My brothers, my sisters, every event is also a way for my knowledge, for the Me that I affirm and that I am experimenting as I get to know myself.


The voice of the heart is knowledge and definition of self, in the heart is where we are, everything we believe, what truly defines us, we are our own world.


I love you so much brothers, this is my own self.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Reflect Do Not React To The Voice Of Your Humanity  is the Message dictated 10th June 2010




Reflect Do Not React To The Voice Of Your Humanity


Reflect Do Not React


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