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You Design Life In Your Freedom

You Design Life In Your Freedom In Every Choice


You Design Life In Your Freedom : I am very happy to be with you my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, and while Sara Luce is watching me, she seeks me with her eyes, her heart pushes me toward you, to help you be the Love that you all carry in your heart; my beloved brothers, my beloved sisters, those eyes that seek me are also your eyes, you seek a contact, there is a great need to make contact with us, with the whole truth of our great Love for you, in the whole truth that you yourselves bring on earth, and it’s the truth in you.


Today this contact, a river of words and images full of emotions, is addressed to you from the pages of this website, and it’s a river of words that explain, that help make contact with the heart inside you, and you feel many emotions in the heart as you read these words, as you feel these words. And finally the eyes open and in the eyes is the look of truth.


Being all Love is truth, having full freedom of expression is freedom, constant freedom of choice for your expression is truth, and the eyes speak of the Love that is being donated in that moment, or understood in its own non-freedom.


You design life in your freedom, in every choice, in every single expression, you take the brush and you draw your painting, and the eyes will look at life through the painting that you just finished creating. You condition your eyes to what you do.


A rightful moment of humility: the eyes now look at you, the brothers and sisters out there, how much have I donated? With the eyes you look at your behavior, how much support did I give? The eyes still upon you, how much understanding have I offered? And how much consideration for others have I had? These are the questions and these are your own eyes upon yourselves.


It is not necessary to answer me, but yourselves. Another moment of humility: look at your painting, it’s all a projection on the rest of the world of what your heart is not donating in its full freedom of expression.


Your eyes are open now, you notice the message that you are spreading in the world of human beings, this is your creation, your life in the world of human beings.


What do you think of it?


You take the brush, and a nice white sheet, there are many colors you can choose, each one in its right place, we can start to paint the life that we would like for ourselves, and what we would like to find in the world, let’s start with our own actions to implement it in the world, and yet we keep painting, the eyes upon you, with the colors that are inside those hearts, building is much more simple when the words that speak of Love are speaking to your heart.


For you and for everyone is my great Love.


In the joy, your brother Jesus Christ


You Design Life In Your Freedom In Every Choice is the Message dictated 8th July 2010




You Design Life In Your Freedom In Every Choice


You Design Life In Your Freedom


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