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The Richness Of Life Being Love

The Richness Of Life Being Love


The Richness Of Life : my dear and beloved brothers and my dear and beloved sisters, the summer is starting and we too will be going on vacation, in the meaning that our Sara Luce will take her holiday time, and in September our Messages From The Sky will start again, these messages dictated for you, to help you reap your experience on earth the precious moments of existence in the heart; for us existence is Love, and we have full awareness of it, while for you on earth it is a sweet rediscovery of the feeling and of the Love that transmits a sensation of life into the heart, life of the heart, life for every one of your Being.


Reflecting on the past brings a message in you, you forgot many things but what has remained in you has been lived in the Love in every moment, every time you were loved became a memory, every time that you loved from the heart has become a memory of you. A memory of Love of the past, of the present, of what you will be living tomorrow, it becomes the most important treasure of the existence that you are leading in the time of your days. Every episode will be recorded and this is the richness of life.


Today, inside you, in the memory, you feel what your heart has been in the existence, what was done to help in many situations, what has comforted, what has been moved in order to understand, how much effort to spread Love, how much it has loved seeing the precious person, and how it has consoled by shifting hope from the heart and how many loved ones it has placed in front of their own feelings.


In all this there was a heart, the experience of life of the heart, your treasure.


You think of life as objects, but your memories only focus around the life that you have lived with the heart. Time after time, what is left of you is only the Love donated, and the Love you understood as you received it into your heart. The teaching of heart is in your Being, in your Being Love that lives on earth, in the eternal search in its full expression. In this, in the Love, is where lies the search of life, and this is what we remind you with every message.


Life, brothers, is in your Being Love, your treasure, it’s in your Being Love, your existing is in your Being Love, everything revolves around your Being Love.


I am speaking to you, it’s my heart that speaks to you, for me, being for you is Being Love, it’s an experience of Love that I am living, and you are living it together with me.


Dedicate your day to memories, in the bottom of the heart are all the memories inside you, surrender and let your heart do the remembering, emotions, so much beauty in those moments, in those moments your heart had been opened and Love is being expressed all around, wonderful memories for the eyes that were looking with Love, memories of the life seen with joy, the source is not in the eyes but in the heart, and in this expression is the life in you.


I step aside and hug you one by one my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Richness Of Life Being Love is the Message dictated 5th July 2010




The Richness Of Life Being Love


The Richness Of Life


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