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The Religious Symbols In Public

The Religious Symbols In Public Places


The Religious Symbols In Public : with all my heart, my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I am here with you, I come with my heart to speak to you, because in this precise moment there is a committee that is deciding whether or not to keep religious symbols from being displayed in public places; what will be decided will be the premise for many subsequent actions that will separate religious life as a creed from what will be public life.


Many religions exist on the planet and the need to erase them is a response to the need of human beings to feel they are the unconditional creators of what surrounds them. In recapturing the supposed laicism there is the thought of laicism being beyond things, imposing itself on everything that is the creation and many religions recognize the presence of a Creator that is certainly not the human being.


With this need to impose himself above all religions, the human being does not wish to recognize the source of life in the Creator, the source of existence.


The Father answers that we are all together a source of life, I created all that you are harvesting in your life: like every child creates in the absence of his father, you on earth are creating something of your own, a liberty to build, and as a parent I did not wish to disappear from your life in the moment when you feel able to do without me, it is much more important to know that I am at your side, ready to be with you, even if only with these words, if you ever needed it.


This is the most important discussion, my beloved creatures, of every religion, being in the freedom, however, my children, being children is recognizing me as the Creator.


It is very important to understand that being a Creator means having in his arms a son, loving him, helping him grow up, and life is a constant opportunity for growth, because to deny the existence, denying me as the Father, is the pride on earth, which destroys instead of building.


Instead of destroying, why don’t you move your pride to build a truly better life in every part of the world? May the life I grant you be an accomplishment, fulfillment for every child of mine, and only through Love will you find the energy to do all this.


Placing these symbols in schools and public places only has the meaning of reminding you of who you are in the truth.


And this message concludes with a question: does you freedom exist even if in a school room there is a crucifix hanging on the wall?


With all my Love, with all of our Love, you exist in freedom.


Your Father and his Son Jesus Christ


The Religious Symbols In Public Places is the Message dictated 1st January 2010




The Religious Symbols In Public Places


The Religious Symbols In Public


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