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Our Being Has A Need For Contact With Love

Our Being Has A Need For Contact With Love messages


Our Being Has A Need For Contact With Love : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, here comes the memory of the time when I was together with you when I was rethinking of the waiting for today’s contact, I have met so many brothers, of completely different backgrounds, with different faiths, those who were skilled with their words, or with writing to the many who did not read words, but for me they were all the same, they were hearts, they were Spirits, spiritual creatures who needed to rediscover Love; in many moments, I remembered, the joy brothers, the hearts brimming with hope, those brothers who, through their hands, reached out for a brotherly contact, and even the need of the brothers in the joy of our hearts; I remember this from my past, the joy of the contact with all these hearts.


And right now, while I speak to you I feel in me the very same joy of the past, yes, there are no more bodies of my past, but the heart has never changed.


Just like back then, our being has regularly a need for contact with Love, it needs to be lead, guided in the path that you are going through on earth and in this guide, rediscover himself through the experience of Love.


My being with you is the experience of Love that it offers you, our contact is the contact of hearts, and as I speak to you from my heart, you answer to me by speaking to me from the heart.


In the meeting you create a moment of intimacy, a deep contact in the heart, like now that in front of the words you feel a constant bond of being among us, a contact that does not know time, a contact that has always been and always will be for eternity.


You feel this emotion at the moment of our intimacy, timeless, the hearts in contact, our own beings in eternity.


It’s so sweet to be with you here, just like it is sweet to manage to be with you through your words, in this intimacy of our hearts.


Being with you is passion in my heart, it’s as if our story could repeat itself in the different conditions, as I am with you, you open your arms in the contact, you come towards me, bring me every problem you have in the joy, my heart is listening to you, brother accept my Love, my sister accept my Love. I am embracing you, my Love does not know time and this is intense in my heart and it will be like this forever.


Now is when I love you, and in my heart there is unity with you.


Listen, my heart is listening to your words for me.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Our Being Has A Need For Contact With Love is the Messages dictated 27th June 2010




Our Being Has A Need For Contact With Love messages


Our Being Has A Need For Contact With Love


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