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Fun On Earth Competition And Joy

Fun On Earth Competition And Joy messages


Fun On Earth Competition And Joy : my beloved and precious brothers, my beloved and precious sisters, today my heart is dressed in blue at the meeting with you, because many of you today are waiting to see Italy’s score at football; your fun, understandable in your reality, the ball, the kick, the beginning of a match, and all the emotion gushes out.


Today my words will be about fun on earth.


So many matches played inside your stadiums, matches that almost always have winners and losers, and not only on the field but in all competitions, there are winners and losers, the emotions light up when participating to the victory, or you experience pain when there is a loss and the pain is a feeling that generates a lot of anger.


Your fun produces this: anger in the heart.


Competition creates anger.


I know that you participate to chase a victory, but you observe the game just like a game, brothers that chase one another to steal a ball, and once stolen, they run toward the other team’s goal, this is the game: stealing each other’s ball and many compliments go to the one who stole it the most, and kicked the ball in the goal, and regardless of the final score, that game will have been fun for you.


Even in sport, you watch the extensive effort, those bodies terse in the effort, you observe those brothers while they place all their effort in the bodies, this is the fun my brothers, observing those bodies contracting and extending, the act of observing them is the fun part for you.


Even in the agility tests you take part in, you observe those brothers in the great chasing after their own ability, and the fun is assured, tests for the mind in many games, tests that require courage, tests that question your own capacity and the game consists of what your own ability can surpass. This, the fun at observing all the effort mobilized in that brother to surpass his own ability and many compliments always to the best.


All of you participate to the game but what is important is that the game must be fun. Only in this sense does the game have any meaning, enjoying yourselves, no longer the rage that envelopes your heart. And may your competition be fun and joy.


I embrace you brothers, I embrace you sisters.


From the heart your brother Jesus Christ


Fun On Earth Competition And Joy is the Message dictated 24th June 2010




Fun On Earth Competition And Joy messages


Fun On Earth Competition And Joy


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