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Open Your Heart To The Feeling Of Life

Open Your Heart To The Feeling Of Life messages


Open Your Heart To The Feeling Of Life : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I am with you, it’s sweet to feel with this great Love that today, as always, brings me to you; my heart is open as I feel myself in this great emotion, it’s like an embrace that includes my feeling, the Love I feel for you brothers and sisters is immense; it’s sweet to feel myself in these words that I dictate and that are directed to you, and I send my Love,  the words are the channel for my Love to you, words that I hear my heart pronounce instantly the second the thought of you lights up my Love inside my heart.


It’s even sweeter to feel myself in this joy that I live in these moments when my words meet the hearts of all of you.


This feeling I have for you, this great Love, and what I am sending now is the joy from your heart. Being with you sends joy to my heart and when I am with you I feel life in all of myself, the act of feeling this Love is transformed into experience of life by the sentiment. I feel, I feel myself, I am in the experience, I am life in the experience of you.


When each one of you, in your emotion, is feeling Love for the other, that’s when you place yourself in the experience of life, and the Love inside the heart feels the experience of joy.


The being in the emotion is everything in that precise instant, you are in the Love, in the importance of transmitting, in the other that receives, experience of unity, and joy is the byproduct of the process and the emotion of life.


A feeling of life that renews itself with every meeting with the Love that expands inside the heart. As you live this feeling, life and joy become constants in the heart. With this life, with this joy I take myself to you and I embrace you in the words and I embrace you in the teachings, and I extend myself to you to understand you in my Love in an embrace of Love.


What I am feeling brought me to you in the distant past, my life on earth, and it brings me to you in the present time, it’s a need that my heart has, it’s the life in me that I am sending you, the song in my heart does not know time, a song of Love that resonates inside me and without interruption, you are the ones for whom the song resonates in me, notes that alternate in my Love for you, notes that wrap around my heart in me, notes that I feel constant in my heart.


I embrace you in the notes that I feel inside me with all my heart.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Open Your Heart To The Feeling Of Life  is the Message dictated 21st June 2010




Open Your Heart To The Feeling Of Life messages


Open Your Heart To The Feeling Of Life


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