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The Discovery Of Life As An Emotion

The Discovery Of Life As An Emotion


The Discovery Of Life : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, today our hearts meet my brothers, until recently, the journey that each one of you was going through life was in complete unawareness, life seemed normal to you and it was the life of everyone, work, fulfill some desires, stay with loved ones, home, creating a family, then the kids to look after in the growth, maybe transmitting that your normal life meant this life model.


Over time the opportunity presented itself to get in touch with our effort, and the change started; as you read message after message you started to get truly in contact with life, it’s as if the life in each message was discovered, and once inside your hearts, you rediscovered the true meaning of living on earth in this world of emotions.


In the emotions, in the life of the heart, all the meaning of events; every event as an opportunity to experiment yourselves in the emotion, of making contact with yourselves, and in listening to yourselves you gained knowledge of the emotions and of all the Love that was giving you life; this rediscovery of the Love inside you opened up your life, what meaning does life have if it is not to Be this Love of mine? This question opened up your lives, Being myself in my own feeling, Being the heart that, as I feel being myself, communicates myself, me Being for others in this feeling myself as I Am, getting to know myself in my own feelings, here, I am my own Love that is expressing inside me and I want to bring my Love from the center of myself to others.


This Love that is defining me is the emotion that I feel inside me in an event, the emotion that is manifesting inside me, what I am feeling is the life and the emotion.


Life is the sum of emotions you experimented, it’s everything of me that expresses in life.


Your entire life is an emotion and this discovery of life as an emotion is bringing the real life to you, for you to live, to experiment, to Be in situations, an effort made of emotions, relationships made of emotions, that family, that raising the offspring, everything done within emotions, the tiniest moment was made of emotion and the life that you are living, the life of emotions, the life from the heart.


And just like the stars today, that’s how I see you as you light up in your emotions, in the awareness of what you are feeling, in your experimenting yourselves, in your feeling yourselves, in your listening to yourselves, and this is the fruit of our meeting.


If you could see how happy I am for what our effort has produced, I am happy to have helped you live your lives from the heart.


With Love, your brother Jesus Christ


The Discovery Of Life As An Emotion is the Message dictated 17th June 2010




The Discovery Of Life As An Emotion


The Discovery Of Life


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