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The Search For Harmony Is In The Respect

The Search For Harmony Is In The Respect


The Search For Harmony : my beloved and sweet brothers and my beloved and sweet sisters, you are the reason for my heart, being here with you is the reason for my heart, being here talking to you is the reason for this contact; for you who do not see the light, my presence, dictating words for you is to bring our existence in your heart; existence of our own reality, of our presence, existence of a Love so great that its light spreads from the cosmos to the entire earth, a cosmos that you see, Love that is present but not perceivable by human senses; an infinite cosmos just like Love is infinite.


The eyes that seek in the Sky see the creation, while the Love that the cosmos reflects speaks to you of the Creator.


Every star has meaning, every single element of the cosmos has a meaning, the all has a meaning in the harmony, the creation represents harmony. The creation represents my brothers, in its elements the need of each one of his element so that the product may be harmony.


Just like the Creator created the cosmos in harmony, so he created his creatures, all essential, all precious, in the harmony of its togetherness. A sweet time when we all have been harmony together, then over time the experience of life on earth, and the many problems begun, and today we are recapturing the sweet harmony of those past times. And over time this is what shall be.


In the harmony will be the togetherness of brothers, and this is the reason for the words from the Sky, to help you recover harmony over time. Harmony is in our Sky, but every one of your hearts is precious in the experience that you are going through.


Look, look around you, so many brothers, so many sisters, there are those hearts that are seeking a way of life that will allow you harmony.


Look at those who are suffering, they are seeking harmony, look at those who are busy with their efforts, they are seeking harmony, look at that creature, that homeless brother, look at everyone, they are an expression of the search for harmony. Look at every progress as a conquered harmony and a need as a harmony yet to be conquered. This is what our eyes see: search for harmony. The search is in the Respect.


When it is clear in my heart that what is speaking to me inside is actually my heart, that those people I meet are a heart, that those with whom I work are a heart, that those in need are a heart, that those who suffer are a heart, that those who have a necessity are a heart, and even those who make mistakes are always a heart, then I will be Respect. Respect that produces harmony. Respect is inside all of your hearts, it’s always been there, it exists in you, but now on earth you have the freedom to either see a heart or to reject it, to act with Respect or to deny it, to be the producer of harmony or not. Being in the time for freedom of choice, this is the journey that we help you with, even with our words.


You think of harmony and you then may be harmony.


With all of my heart I embrace you, my heart if full of Love for you


Your Brother Jesus Christ


The Search For Harmony Is In The Respect  is the Message dictated 15th July 2010




The Search For Harmony Is In The Respect


The Search For Harmony


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