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Freedom To Be Love Liberty Is In The Love

Freedom To Be Love Liberty Is In The Love


Freedom To Be Love : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I bring you the immense joy that is inside me, in my heart, a joy that explodes inside me when I meet with you; I am for all of you, ready to transmit the Love I feel for you, ready to help you, my entire heart is in the desire to guide you with my Love through the experience that you are leading, your being on earth with little awareness of the precious value of life as a moment of growth for your Soul.


The professions, the many needs imposed upon life by materialism, the impression of only being alive on earth, the many brothers and sisters who discover reality and manifestation of the Spirit and they speak to you about you and there is a need to understand this life, placing the experience on some kind of tracks, and impressing the right movement to your progression on your journey.


There are many questions about that tomorrow that awaits you, many of them are about death, death as the ultimate end? Death as a passage? No, life continues on, what you leave is what is not necessary, you leave your professions, your actions for the needs of materialism, the bank accounts, and all that you own, the true life strips itself of all that is not necessary and you are left with you, your heart, and all the experience fulfilled in the folds of this materiality.


And while your heart remembers every tiniest emotion you have felt on earth, it becomes apparent that your emotion is really the only thing that you truly lived on earth. Every emotion is a memory of you in that situation, in every moment you faced what you can capture is your emotion, even in every exchange, as you will find out, it’s always and only been an experience of your heart.


And always from that moment you will see that life on earth has been a continuous choice for your being, between love and non-love, and you will have the understanding of why your heart didn’t always love, and you would like to start this life all over again to be in the most complete freedom.


Freedom and Love that, as you will notice, have always been in you.


Here are your tracks: freedom, running parallel to Love.


Being freedom is to love; being in the heart is freedom; being in the emotion is freedom; expressing from the heart is freedom, and toward freedom is the journey of life, being this heart that represents each one of you is being in freedom. Freedom to Be Love.


This discovery is in your tomorrow, but it is also a discovery in the present moment, I speak and your heart is listening, feeling an emotion, you are experimenting yourselves, the heart in you, what moves inside your emotion? You can feel yourselves, in the emotion it is really you, the same you that will live forever.


Therefore your heart will live forever, you as a heart, as an emotion, in the Love.


Now listen to yourselves in the Love, and listen to yourselves in the moments of tension or conflict. Freedom, where do you feel freedom? And fullness, where do you feel fullness? And that joy for life, where do you feel it? And the strength and the reason to speak, where do you feel that? And the satisfaction of feeling in harmony, where do you feel it? And in everything that you have overcome, where did you feel the joy?


There is full awareness inside you of when your steps are taken with Love, what you feel in the emotion is the product of every choice you made. Liberty is in the Love.


I embrace you brothers, I embrace you sisters, I feel in my heart with you, for you, together in life.


With all of my Love, your brother Jesus Christ.


Freedom To Be Love Liberty Is In The Love is the Message dictated 19th July 2010




Freedom To Be Love Liberty Is In The Love


Freedom To Be Love


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