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Life Is Forever The Evolution Of The Souls

Life Is Forever The Evolution Of The Souls


Life Is Forever : my sweet and beloved brothers and my sweet and beloved sisters, life is forever, like the experience of growth in the Love is forever; for you on earth the impression of birth and of death places limits to the idea of life, as if your existence was included between the concept of birth and the concept of death, and the concept of life that exists on earth still to date is of a life that has an end, that is limited.


Many of you have embraced the concept of Spirit and of another side, you think of life on earth, as if this life was the prelude to another existence that will be the result of the final review of your life on earth.


And again many of you are asking themselves if life, this life, is just one moment within a much more comprehensive existence that begins with the creation in a Sky and that is a project that develops within various environments, of which planet earth is all but one of them, and to those of you who are maturing this thought, I confirm the eternity of life that takes place during various environments, all functional to the evolution of the individual Soul, a project that is molded over the course of its existence for the individual Soul so that it may be possible to achieve a complete expression of self.


This project begins with the creation of a heart from God and that expresses a fragment from Himself, as if it was a star of the firmament, it  begins its process of recognition by going through the experiences in which life in the Sky is the first stage in which it experiments itself. Only when the soul reaches a level of maturity in its being does the opportunity become available to exist in another environ meant to rediscover itself within full independence of its Being.


Among these opportunities comes the existence on planets, of which the planet earth encompasses many of you who, with your evolution, promise to themselves to participate to the end of the evolution of the entire planet. And these important Souls are among you, they are light beams to be followed. This existence among you, brothers and sisters, speaks to you of the project of evolution that every Soul is undertaking; when the recognition is firmly in your own Being Love in the humanity in which the Soul is established, then you will see the Love expressing itself also in that reality, and it’s truly wonderful for us to witness how the sweet Soul is able to express itself.


In every reality, that which is the expression of a feeling, expressed Love, accelerates the evolution of that heart.


You, my brothers and my sisters, as you give voice to the Love inside you, you highlight your evolution in the constant experimentation of yourselves, of what you are.


The situation on earth is not very distant from that of the other planets, what distinguishes different realities from one another is Love, the evolution that is expressing itself. On other planets evolution is king, there is more space given to the heart, to the expression of Love, the general level of evolution of the planets is more wide reaching.


You are the ones building your planet.


Inside you is the evolution, and your existence on earth is an important moment. Take this precious opportunity to be what you have already conquered.


Our Love is inside our hearts for you, and so is our effort for you to manage to shine like stars.


I embrace you with Love, you are always with me in the heart.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Life Is Forever The Evolution Of The Souls  is the Message dictated 22 July 2010




Life Is Forever The Evolution Of The Souls


Life Is Forever


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