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To The Discovery Of The Reality Of The Sky

To The Discovery Of The Reality Of The Sky messages


To The Discovery Of The Reality Of The Sky : my sweet and beloved brothers and my sweet and beloved sisters, this is the last message we will dictate before Sara Luce’s vacation, and as always her effort will resume in September; Sara Luce, our journey together has been a long one, we have contacted so many people, many hearts follow our words with diligence; you know, our journey for the Sky is so beautiful, many brothers see us through those looks that our words have made possible, Love does exist, Love has always existed, those hearts say so, and the joy that these words contain is another sweet fruit of our effort.


Listen, all that we see makes us reflect on this passage through which the hearts fill up with light, the light that is born inside the heart is in the contact that sees possibility, possibility to be listened to, and a precious possibility that the Sky, as it listens, may respond in the most varied ways, and this is the possibility that gives joy to the contact.


If for us responding has always been a possibility, what these hearts are also rediscovering today is that words reach them also through events, and we also manifest through manifestations of Love. And again, conquering joy is like saying hello to all of us in the Sky, who, despite our invisibility, you do feel among you and next to you. It fills me with joy to feel you often in the prayer, as you turn to me as an ever-present brother, and it is always joy for me to recognize that the Sky has never abandoned you.


Over time as your ability to listen to our words has matured inside you, the words that you listened to also matured inside you, because you confront yourselves with the words dictated by the Sky and you seek a way to slowly and gradually absorb what you understood in your life, to make your own life shine even more in the light of Love.


Today those who conquered this vision of life remember the past, they relive that darkness in their eyes, that feeling distant, those eyes of the past, those eyes today seem so dark, they are the eyes of those who right now are beginning to come closer to our words and once again we will be here to guide you to the discovery of Love and the eyes will finally see, and once again we will harvest your joy.


Then, those brothers who today are still distant will come close to the discovery of Love, and once again for us the words donated will bring them closer to the reality of the Sky, the experience that we are living through these words is this, it’s important to know that this project is being rolled out, in those moments when, Sara, due to your tiredness, your Love contracts a little bit, do welcome these words I am giving you in your heart and keep them inside you, this way you will only feel tiredness in a heart that shines with Love.


Tiredness and finally rest, happy holidays to you Sara Luce from all of us.


Our light is always with you, our presence, our Love is always with all of you.


A kiss, we will be back in September.


Your brother Jesus Christ


To The Discovery Of The Reality Of The Sky is the Message dictated 26th July 2010




To The Discovery Of The Reality Of The Sky messages


To The Discovery Of The Reality Of The Sky


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