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Nature And Created Are Your Life Allies

Nature And Every Form Created Are Your Life Allies messages


Nature And Created Are Your Life Allies : my beloved, my sweet and beloved brothers, and my beloved, my sweet and beloved sisters, with my voice I come to bring you a message from the light, from this universe that encompasses everyone in the forms created by the Father; a Universe that welcomes difference in the unity of the intention, every form created is a participant to the all, and every form is precious, indispensable to the functionality of the entire creation.


I see among you a lot of distance between you and nature, and many, even among you brothers, do not have full consideration of many of the elements that make up the environment that allow your own very existence in this context of planet earth. We are not talking about small details here, water, this earth, they are resources, your life allies, just like underground there are vast resources, the same is in the sky, in the light, in the sun, in the stars, in the planets, all this contributes to life, all this permits life, the existence, the all is your ally for your life. And in all this, you, you are only passing, but you are still in contact with the elements that allow this passage.


Respecting every element of nature is like respecting what permits life, today your life, tomorrow the life of someone else. Life needs to be respected and this can be an effort for you: respecting life in all its manifestations.


If in the past a lot of time already passed since the initial discovery of earth, in the time of you now the intention is that of respecting the elements. If in front of the immensity of the discoveries made you place the realization that all discoveries are essential elements to life, life for you will not only be seeing those bodies, but also feeling as an element that exists in the context of what is existence.


I will start by speaking of earth as a conglomeration to make the unity of the creation to you evident, everything is unity, and in this unity the All expresses itself. Each one of you is part of Us, and this is the reality, We exist as a conglomeration that includes you.


My brothers, my sisters, your welcome on earth was announced to you, and everyone picked up and brought you what was most precious to them, in order to donate it to you, a little creature, and each one put in your hands all this, with all of their affection. As you received this precious offer of these elements, and as you take care of it now, so you will in turn deliver all this after the harvest of your own life to those who are beginning their new lives.


Life means taking care, it means loving every element of Us. This is the attention for life, it means feeling part of all that happens to Us.


I leave you with this message, so that together we can feel all participants in this unity.


I will leave in this sweet unity, together with my beloved brothers, together with my beloved sisters, participating and bringing my Love.


Your brother Jesus Christ next to you in the Love, with you in the voice, with you in the freedom of my heart.


Nature And Every Form Created Are Your Life Allies is the Message dictated 2nd September 2010




Nature And Every Form Created Are Your Life Allies messages


Nature And Created Are Your Life Allies


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