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Life as an expression of Love

Life as an expression of Love messages


Life as an expression of Love : I am with you my beloved brothers sand my beloved sisters, with these words I come to you, my loved ones, always and foremost loved, my loved brother and my loved sisters; here I am, I surround you with a sweet smile in my embrace, I feel so much tenderness for your lives because while you live in your materialism you see in us that the journey you set out to do is for your Soul, a moment of life that was written to be spent on earth, earth that is welcoming you now, a moment of growth in the illusion of endlessness when compared to eternity.


For you there is present and past, and the future remains an incognito and the passage from life remains again an anguish-ridden question mark. However, lately our manifestations have been placing hope in you, and they follow this present time too. With these words, with these acquisitions, we are bringing you to the knowledge of this existence, of us in the Sky, of you and us as a constant unity, of you, surrounded by the experience of us who proceed in the constant, endless continuation.


The last time I spoke of the all, of Us, I spoke to you of the existing unity, of you and nature as one unity, in the forms in which the creation of the Father is expressed, everything participates in it and has a place in life, respecting every form of it means respecting existence, life, and consideration that the entire creation has in front of it Love. Everything that participates to life is a manifestation of Love. This is the starting point for creation: Love.


For you this Love is expressed in every tree, in every existing molecule, and even in what you can create yourselves from the elements present in nature. Everything in the creation reflects Love, the entire creation could reflect Love.


This is the reason for our presence, in your materialism, where everything is objects, where everything is consumed thinking on how to take and then use the object, you lose sight of the meaning, of the value of every element of the creation, the Love that inspired everything.


These words that suggest reflection also show you that the elements are things that are necessary to life in their expression of Love.


Life as an expression of Love is what we are communicating to you, the everything that exists as an expression of Love, as also an expression of Love is that body that surrounds you, so important in every function for your own life. Here, you see, in that body is also an expression for life, and the Love that created it for you. That body that was brought on earth, despite your difficulties in allowing life, is also an expression of Love.


While I embrace you again in my hug, I will leave you with these words my beloved brothers, my beloved sisters, with the hope that your eyes will turn to the creation and recognize the Love with which they were generated.


Your brother Jesus Christ, as always


Life as an expression of Love  is the Message dictated 6th September 2010


Life as an expression of Love messages


Life as an expression of Love


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