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Hope In The Hearts Turn Dreams Into Reality

Hope In The Hearts Turn Dreams Into Reality messages


Hope In The Hearts Turn Dreams Into Reality : with the heart, brothers, sisters, I am with all of you my loved brothers, my loved sisters, I come happily to talk to you and to bring hope to your heart, my Love is shining and I surround you with light, your heart is shining and is asking “why? why so much light? it shows us so much joy?”


You see, brothers, sisters, just talking to you is light for me, dictating words that your hearts will listen to, thoughts to be shared, and all that has been learned so far, just the words donated to my brothers and sisters make my heart happy, just talking is cause for joy, source of joy are these hearts who listen to me and heed the message I will deliver, and there will be a smile of encouragement in the heart that is now expressing itself; my brothers and sisters, let the strength inundate your daily life.


It’s so difficult to be on this journey on earth, this Love that brothers at times keep inside is so compressed it is almost seemingly inexistent, and there are many occasions that are exploited by interest, selfishness, and many of you, as you question your own hearts, ask themselves “If this is the system, I have no choice but to conform to it”, from the heart many of them feel like hope is leaving them, a straight jacket that blocks humanity right in the interest of the heart and the heart that was expressing the emotions dies. This impression of death is prevalent among you.


You have thoughts, you have hopes, and dreams, and after all you do have hope in life, like in a dream you have hopes for yourselves for a life of the heart, life among brothers, the harmony, the togetherness, your freedom, and finally the joy for you to live Love, but above all you seek harmony, being together in harmony, this beautiful dream, and here comes the reality of the outside, heartless people, and then suddenly the sun reminds you of the possibility of a new day, the birth of a new day reminds you of possibility, that sun ray explodes with the immense and reawakens nature, and everything moves in the animal world and communicates to you, this day beckons change, living the change in the joy, and everything in the heart lights up and gains strength, and even the dream you had, and hope renews itself and the heart fills up with life. And here I come on the road, it’s life for the heart, and I spread all around me what I would like to see every morning when I wake up, harmony, and so this is what I spread, harmony, happiness is my framework, my harvest, my heart is expressing itself and you turn your dream into reality, until one fine day you will receive Love and you will also see your own humanity in the other person, and in the heart there will be an uncontainable explosion of joy, even him or her are seeking, and spreading, harmony in the world.


In this is my joy, I speak to you, and I build for you a change in a specific way: by freeing your heart and flooding you with hope. Turn your wonderful dreams into reality, the need in you is special, carry it in your heart to then turn it into reality.


I embrace you with all of my affection.


Always, your brother Jesus Christ


Hope In The Hearts Turn Dreams Into Reality  is the Message dictated 09th September 2010




Hope In The Hearts Turn Dreams Into Reality messages


Hope In The Hearts Turn Dreams Into Reality


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