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Freedom Of Thought And Emotion

Freedom Of Thought And Emotion messages


Freedom Of Thought And Emotion : with the strength of the heart, my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, I am arriving with all my heart to give you my words, a moment for you, take a moment for yourselves, the moment is for you, take my words and evaluate them, because your precious existence deserves them; what we do determines, through its consequences, what the moment in which we live will be like, what we think determines our permanent thought, and even as we feel what we perceive builds what will be our permanent feeling; we are like a box containing permanent elements; many of you are unaware of what is inside them, both in terms of thoughts and feelings, and they only notice how much they have inside them, and with respect to life often they notice how limited their ability to Be is, and they spend years with the experience of proposing once again to themselves the same contents of emotion and thought; this limited approach belongs to neither the thought nor the emotion.


You are in complete freedom of thought in your lives, you are in your lives in the most complete freedom of emotion, because the life you have in front of you is in its most complete freedom of Being.


What you think is the thought you have built in your existence, in the contact with your brothers, and every impression of yours, was the product of this contact. The impression with which you now look at life, to you and to humanity this is a partial concept, a permanent thought which is the product of your limited experience. And in the feeling that created itself through the time spent with the Love with your brothers, this is also a limited emotion to the experience that you had.


This is your starting point. If you think you have been limited in comparison to your own life, then look at your existence with your eyes, you are there, and your existence where everything is open to knowledge, everything in the heart is open to experimenting, all the Love can be recognized from the experience of the heart, everything is in freedom.


When you start thinking about all this inside yourselves, to Be in freedom, that’s when you stop your permanent thought, that you are not them, and you start to go through your existence in freedom, your life, your existence, there is so much to discover, there is so much to live, in every contact you seek your freedom and knowledge within freedom; you experiment Love while seeking your own freedom, freedom to Be; this is the value of freedom: the true knowledge of yourselves, what you are, what you express as a Being. In the emotion of the heart we know our true Being, in the emotions that we carry, in all of the forms in which Love activates inside us, emotions which are sometimes unknown, which we gradually discover inside us; the experience of freedom allows us to live as we are and knowledge belongs to Love, knowledge of our own selves as Love.


The memory of the past belongs to the past, you are in the freedom of the present moment.


With my Love I embrace you, my precious brothers and my precious sisters


Always, your brother Jesus Christ


Freedom Of Thought And Emotion is the Message dictated 16th September 2010




Freedom Of Thought And Emotion messages


Freedom Of Thought And Emotion


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