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In The Heart We Feel The Humanity

In The Heart We Feel The Humanity messages


In The Heart We Feel The Humanity : the Love in the contact among you, my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, in front of my eyes are your beautiful hearts, it’s so sweet to wait to be with you, your brother in the voice, but here everybody follows this sweet commitment; just like in the morning your minds wake up and look at the new day and to you in your commitments, so our actions are constantly for you, who are living on earth for a little while, may this day bring you this constant thought for you.


I have brothers in front of me who lead their experience and next to them I have hearts who have concluded their experience, their growth journeys are constantly renewed in order to be able to represent for you that necessary feeling, to make it possible for you to have an even more important growth.


In front of me I have hearts that are changing, to be a constant experience of Love for themselves, and next to me I feel for you emotions that illuminate your hearts and help them, they support them and make this change possible for you.


Brothers, sisters, today we are living this day together, let’s proceed in this opportunity that the Sky offers to you in this meeting.


Being among you, as opposed to Being surrounded by other bodies.


Being Love is not difficult if we listen deep down to the words that the heart is telling us; if we speak from inside the emotion of the heart, listening to the words gives us the emotion of that heart, the moments of that heart, what it is going through, what it feels inside his Being. Words said by the heart so they can be heard.


When your brothers listen to you, you react with pleasure to your possibility of communicating what you feel inside you, you are concentrated in exposing concepts and sensations to those who are in front of you, and you trust their understanding and sweetly you ask them to be of help to you, and your brothers feel the same, they experience the same.


Sharing something from the heart always gives an emotion of gratitude for listening to that heart that decided to open up, even if there is no possibility for help, there is gratitude inside the heart anyway for the other heart who is listening, for you and for your brothers, the experience is the same.


Even for us, when we communicate our attention to other brothers, our listening puts inside us a need to represent an answer for them, a support, help that the heart can deploy, and that the body that is being used can place, we live the emotion of being unity with that heart that we listen to, and so when the other heart is making an effort, then the emotion that their heart feels is just like the one that you are feeling.


And so, today we know, my brothers and my sisters, that the difference that we believe exists between us actually have the heart in common, this humanity that has one unique heart.


Listen, when you listen profoundly to words, then the heart comes to us in its humanity.


And now I give you these words with all of my Love


Always, your brother Jesus Christ


In The Heart We Feel The Humanity is the Message dictated 20th September 2010




In The Heart We Feel The Humanity messages


In The Heart We Feel The Humanity


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