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Feeling The Truth In The Emotion

Feeling The Truth In The Emotion The Truth From The Heart


Feeling The Truth In The Emotion : my sweet and loved brothers, and my sweet and loved sisters, I come as a star of the Sky to illuminate you with my Love, the moments of my existence are all for you, everything for you, this is the life I lead, my words, while I am dictating my words I feel myself in my heart, I listen to my emotion, I understand my emotion, I am my emotion, I dedicate myself to all of you and I feel emotion as I meet you; feeling myself, my being in this situation, this greatness I feel inside me, this tells me that in the joy is the great importance for me that you all have, this is important to me, and in my heart this is expressed with this emotion that I feel completely in me, there is so much Love, and this Love is for you, I feel this truth inside me in the emotion, being everything for you.


While I am speaking to you I feel myself I feel the emotion I have for you, this emotion is everything in my heart, in the heart is you, everything is full of your existence, you and your existence.


A few moments have already passed, and I still feel my affection for you renewing itself in the meeting with you, with this humanity that I keep in my heart, and even the time that will arrive will bear in my heart you and your existence, and the joy of my existing for you. In this continuity I feel my heart for you my brothers and sisters.


This, which is so important for us, feeling the truth in the emotion that is manifested in the heart, I see many brothers and many sisters so concentrated on the mind that they do not concentrate on the heart, they doubt what they feel, they ask the mind so many questions over their own emotions, instead of stopping to listen to themselves in their own emotion. What do I feel? Why do I feel it? They are questions for the heart that propose truth and an answer in the emotion.


What do I feel in the emotion ‘This is the truth’; a sudden change and the emotion shifted, what am I feeling now? And from the heart comes another truth. When I listen to my own heart then I AM listening to myself in the heart, ME not as a concept but as an emotion, the ME that I feel about myself, what I am in the truth. This is what the emotions send: the truth on what I AM. Is listening difficult? Difficult is knowing yourselves in who I am.


My brothers, my loved sisters, talking about feelings, you notice how difficult it is to send into words what you feel, the emotion holds the answer in its reality, the emotion can be renewed and with it also the answer; it can be just a moment, and that is the answer in that moment; it can be that it changes from a moment to the next, and it always contains an answer inside.


The act of listening, our being in contact with the emotion we feel, it’s the truth that reflects our path, the act of feeling is the discovery of what we feel about ourselves, the truth is not in the eyes, it’s in the heart; the truth in the heart lies within the emotion.


Brothers, sisters, we will meet again in a week, due to our Sara being busy until then.


I remain with you, I am all for you, it’s my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Feeling The Truth In The Emotion The Truth From The Heart was the Message dictated 23 September 2010




Feeling The Truth In The Emotion The Truth From The Heart


Feeling The Truth In The Emotion


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